Here is the finals line up:

Will Milroy and Fiona McKee vs Toby Ng and Grace Gao


Toby and Grace won the first game but it looks like the second game is going to Will and Fiona. I missed most of the first, but I think it was 21-17 or so.


Will and Fiona won the second 21-11, and now it’s 4-1 in the third for Toby and Grace.


Very close in the third game, Toby and Grace lead 13-12.

(Sorry there’s no action shots, my iPhone sucks for capturing movement.)

Will and Fiona just won the match, third game was 21-16.


2009 Yonex Canadian National Championships – Mixed Doubles Draws

My battery is running low here so I won’t be able to update as frequently. Here is the line up for the mens doubles semi-finals:

Court 1
Will Milroy and Toby Ng vs Francois Champagne and Manuel Thomas

Court 2
Kyle Hunter and Timothy Ma vs Mike Beres and Alvin Lau

I missed what happened on court 2, but they’re already in the second game, I think Mike and Alvin won the first. On court 1 Will and Toby are leading 13-7.

Update #1
Will and Toby won the first game 21-10. Kyle and Timothy are losing 17-11, and it looks like they actually won the first game.

Update #2
I totally got the scores wrong for court 2… Kyle and Tim just won the match, didn’t hear the scores, but the are in the finals now.

Update #3
Pretty surprised, Will and Toby just lost the second game, starting the third now.

Update #4
Will and Toby are leading at the interval, 11-6.

Update #5
Will and Toby won the match, last game was 21-11.

So the finals line up is Kyle Hunter and Timothy Ma vs Will Milroy and Toby Ng.

2009 Yonex Canadian National Championships Mens Doubles Draws

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