BWF Sudirman Cup 2009: Semi-Finals Set

On May 15, 2009, in Major BWF Tournaments, by Emmet Gibney

I won’t go into great detail about the results since the BWF website (which has been nicely revamped thanks to Tournament Software) has done a good job of keeping things up to date, but I will give you a quick update.

Unfortunately for Denmark they were missing both Peter Gade and Tine Rasmussen, and that certainly contributed to their 3-2 loss to Malaysia. In fact I would say that if they had both of those players they probably would have won, but who knows. Malaysia now plays China who defeated Indonesia 5-0.

The other semi-final will feature Korea and Indonesia, which is interesting as Indonesia could have another shot at China, and it they could provide more trouble a second time around as they did not field their top players. Perhaps a smart strategy to save energy for the semi-finals.

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