We go with Stephan to do some sprints at a nearby park here in Copenhagen. Emmet gets lost along the way because of Stephan’s poor directions, but eventually finds Stephan so he can explain to everyone how the sprints work. The idea is that Stephan is trying to run as fast as he can to train his fast twitch muscles, so you shouldn’t be pushing yourself until you get tired, but just train your muscles’ nerves so they “fire” faster.


Stephan and I did another training diary at the IBA, but this time we decided we’d put in a little tip for you. Today Stephan explains how to feed multi shuttles to your training partner. Hope you find this helpful.


Check out this video from Tuesday I went with Stephan to his training at the International Badminton Academy’s new location at the Kastrup Magleby Badminton Club. They recently did some major renovations, and they are spectacular. This is Stephan’s first training session since he injured his knee at the recent US Open.


No, this isn’t the “All England Final”, but we have an all Englishman final. Tomorrow Carl Baxter and Rajiv Ouseph will have a rematch from the English National Championship final when they meet in the final of the Canadian International Badminton Championship.

Baxter, formally playing from Canada, now represents England, and today he defeated Canada’s Stephan Wojcikiewicz 21-13, 27-25. Baxter and Steph used to train together at the RA Center in Ottawa, and their other former training partner Andrew Dabeka lost in the quarter finals to Rajiv Ouseph. In the semi-finals Rajiv beat Canada’s David Snider 21-19, 21-15. David upset France’s top player Brice Leverdez 21-11, 13-21, 23-21 to book his spot in the semis.

My money is on Baxter for tomorrow. While he is unlikely to beat Ouseph most of the time, I think Baxter will be the crowd favourite tomorrow, and that should help lift his level of play just enough to take out Ouseph.

2009 MELS Atwater Canadian International Draws

While it’s not the biggest, most important event of the international calendar, the Finnish International Badminton Championships are on this week and BVM’s friend Stephan Wojcikiewicz is playing. I don’t recognize many names in the draw, so it’s difficult for me to make any predictions. Nonetheless here are the draws for those that are interested:

Finnish International Badminton Championships 2009

Yonex Polish Open 2009: Draws Released

On March 23, 2009, in Minor BWF Tournaments, by Emmet Gibney

While it is not a very big tournament, there are a few strong players playing this week’s Polish Open. The first seed is Wacha Przemyslaw and the second seed is Jan O Jorgensen the recent semi-finalist at the Swiss Open Super Series. Other notables include Dicky Palyama, Stephan Wojcikiewicz and Peter Mikkelson. Of course I mention Stephan because he’s my buddy, but he is also the 7th seed so watch out for him.

I’ve linked the draws at the bottom of this post for all of those that are interested. On a side note, I was wondering where were the results from the India Open, well had I paid attention to the dates of the tournament I would have noticed that it doesn’t start until this week, not last week : )

Yonex Polish Open 2009 Draws

After the first rounds of the Wilson Swiss Open Super Series Malaysia’s Lee Chong Wei looks to be the strongest challenger to the title. Lee won his first round match fairly easily by defeating Japan’s Kenichi Tago 21-18, 21-12. Lin Dan on the other hand really struggled against his opponent Arvind Bhat. Going three games Lin Dan managed to just pull off the victory. Canadian player Stephan W. has a post on it over at his website if you want more details.

No real surprises so far, but I’m sure the next round will be a little more interesting. Simon Santoso lost to Wong Choong Han, and while that isn’t that big a surprise, it shows that Wong still has it, even if he is on the way out. The match I’m interested in tomorrow is between Wong Choong Han and Andrew Smith. I predicted a semi-final for Smith, so this is a big one for me : )

Unfortunately Peter Gade broke his toe or something so he had to pull out. Once again, Stephan W told me about this. Come back tomorrow for more updates.

Wilson Swiss Open Super Series 2009 Draws

This is what I’m looking forward to seeing the results from tomorrow, Gade vs Hidayat. I’m betting on Hidayat, my friend Stephan is betting on Gade. I would normally agree with Stephan, but this is the only title that Hidayat has not won yet, and I think he is going to really put his everything into this event. He had a close one today against England’s Andrew Smith, but don’t underestimate Smith, he is good.


None of the other matches have the same intrigue that this one does. Joachim Persson may be able to challenge Lin Dan, but it’s unlikely. Persson has yet to have another breakthrough since his really big win over Kuan Beng Hong, and Lin Dan is looking as fierce as ever. Chen Jin will beat Sho Sasaki hands down, and Lee Chong Wei will definitely beat Ville Lang who is only at the stage he is at because Sony Dwi Kuncoro dropped out. I would say that overall today was a fairly boring, routine day, and what we saw was an example that in spite of the depth, the top 8 or even the top 5 players, are a fair bit better than the rest (or at least way more consistent). Anyway, tomorrow should be more exciting than today!

Yonex All England Open Super Series 2009 Draws

Just thought I would update you on something I’ve been working on. My buddy Stephan and I put together a website for him to chronicle his training and tournament progress. Steph is currently living and training in Copenhagen, Denmark and is playing in the Danish club league. Steph really knows badminton well. Not sure what his current rank is but I believe he is in the top 100, and probably a bit higher even.


The site is really new, as in he only has a couple of posts up so far, but you can look forward to some cool stuff from Steph. I’m willing to bet that you will see Steph climb up the rankings a fair bit more over the next few years, he certainly has the confidence to do it, his website is called StephanTheMan.com !!!

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Here is the line up for the mens singles semi-finals:

Andrew Dabeka vs Joseph Rogers – court 1


Stephan Wojcikiewicz vs David Snider – court 2


The matches are just starting now with David and Andrew leading by a couple in the first few rallies (in their respective matches that is)

Update #1
Andrew is making short work of Joseph, leading 9-2 while court 2 is Steph leading 8-6. By the way I might not be able to do anymore pictures as my iPhone is my camera and is dying.

Update #2
Joseph gained back some ground, it’s now 10-7 for Andrew. The other match is 10-10.

Update #3
Andrew leads 15-9 while David leads 15-13.

Update #4
David leads 16-15 while Andrew leads 18-12. The lines here are impossible to call, if you have played here you know what I mean.

Update #5
Andrew just won the first game 21-13. Joe made a lot of errors, he didn’t seem nervous, but Andrew was doing a really good job of keeping the pressure on.

Court two tied 21 all, very tight game, both players are doing well, not many errors here.

Update #6
David just won the first game 23-21.

Update #7
Andrew is leading 11-4 at the second game interval. Court 2 is tied 7 all.

Update #8
David leads 14-13 while Andrew leads 14-9

Update #9
David and Steph tied at 18, with Andrew leading 19-13. ps if anyone is actually reading these updates live please leave a comment so I know I’m not wasting my time.

Update #10
Andrew won, and David just won as well… Looks like we’ll be seeing Andrew and David in the finals tomorrow.
2009 Yonex Canadian National Championships Mens Singles Draws

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