Would Day 2 give us another shock? The answer would be yes. Kenichi Tago, the 2007 Scottish Open winner defeated 7th Seeded Joachim Persson in one of the longest games of the day, with Tago taking the deciding game 21-13.

There were routine wins for Widianto and Natsir in their opening round matches, as well as Bo Zheng and Ma Jin. Yu Yang and He Hanbin won in two games, with the second game taken to 22-20. 5th Seeded Xie Zhongbo and Zhang Yawen had a scare after looking the first game, but showed their ttue ability to take the next two games and progress to round 2.

Chen Jin, seeded 2 began his campaign against Eric Pang. There was no repeat of a Dutch victory like Palyama had done earlier as the Chinese seed won in two games. Taufik Hidayat also started his challenge against Switzerland’s Christian Boesgier, the Indonesian 4th seed comfortably progressed in two games.

Day 3 begins with both top seeds in the singles events on court. Zhou Mi plays Michelle Chan Ky on Court 1, and Lee Chong Wei is playing Ola Fagbemi on Court 2. Taufik Hidayat’s game against Mathieu Lo Ying Ping is the second game on Court 2.

Peter Gade begins proceedings against Sho Sasaki on Court 3, followed later in the day with Saina Nehwal and Wang Lin on Court 3 to play their second round matches.

Court 4 begins with Sony Dwi Kuncoro, seeded 6 against Przemyslaw Wacha of Poland. Followed later in the day with Lu Lan, Chen Jin and Lin Dan in second round action.

On Court 6, Tien Minh Nguyen plays Frenchman Brice Leverdez to open play at 1pm local time. Followed by Boonsak Ponsana, seeded 16 and Wang Yihan starts her challenge in round 2 against Susan Egelstaff of Scotland.

The Mens and Ladies Doubles are in action also, with our first look at Cai and Fu of China, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong of Malaysia and Lee and Jung of Korea. The big news in the Mens Doubles is the withdrawal of top seeds Kido and Setiawan due to injury.

Day 3 Schedule
Yonex Sunrise BWF World Badminton Championships 2009 Draws

Day two is underway and already there are a couple of exciting results to report. We will be doing live chat coverage of the days events once again so stay tuned for updates right here on BVM.

BVM Coverage – World Badminton Championships Day 2

The World Championships first day lived up the expectations, with a shock within the first hour of play as 11th seeded Bao Chunlai crashed out in straight sets to Dutchman Dicky Palyama. He plays Swede Henri Hurskainen in Round 2 with the winner likely to play World and Olympic Champion Lin Dan.

Lin Dan begun his campaign with a straight forward win over Isreali Misha Zilberman, Lee Chong Wei also came through his opening match in straight sets of Dieter Domke to set up a second round match with Ola Fagbemi of Nigeria.

Peter Gade is also through to Round 2, as well as Chan Yan Kit after defeating Kaveh Mehrabi 21-15, 21-11. There was little action from the Women’s Singles today, Belgian Lianne Tan coming through against Elena Prus in two sets gives her a second round match against 15th seeded Maria Kristin Yulianti after the Indonesian defeated Swede Sophia Hansson 21-6, 21-2.

Susan Egelhart defeated Anu Nieminen 21-19, 22-20 to set up a round 2 match with 4th seeded Wang Yihan of China. 14th seeded Wong Mew Choo beat Shannon Pohl of the USA 21-4, 21-6 and will play Ai Goto of Japan in Round 2.

Remarkably, Bao Chunlai was the only seed to be defeated in any of the matches that took place today.

Day 2 will finish off the first round of matches in all the events, with the crowds expected to flock to see Taufik Hidayat began his campaign begin against Swiss Christian Boesiger. 2nd seeded Nova Widianto and Liliyana Natsir also begin their quest of world championship glory on Tuesday against Belarusian couple Aleksei Konakh and Alesia Zaitsava.

Zheng Bo and Ma Jin (Seeded 3), He Hanbin and Yu Yang (Seeded 4) as well as Xie Zhongbo and Zhang Yawen (Seeded 5) are all in first round action in the Mixed Doubles.

Joachim Persson plays Kenichi Tago in Round 1 of the Men’s Singles in the 3rd match on Court 3, with the 7th Seeded Dane looking to book his place in Round 2 against Kevin Cordon of Guatemala or Marc Zweibler of Germany.

2nd seeded Chen Jin is in first round action against Eric Pang of Netherlands. Another victory for the Dutch over the Chinese in the making?

Day 2 Schedule
Yonex Sunrise BWF World Badminton Championships 2009 Draws

Interview: Joachim Persson

On July 23, 2009, in Podcasts, Video, by Emmet Gibney

While in Denmark I visited the Danish National Training Center and met up with the Danish number 2, and World number 7 ranked player, Joachim Persson. Persson was born and originally played for Germany, however as he entered the senior ranks he made the decision to move to Denmark and play for their team. The move has seen him move quickly up the world rankings, although he has missed out on playing at the Olympics as a result. In this interview I speak to Joachim about his early years in badminton, his progression to the Danish national team, and his aspirations for the future.

Updated: I have added the YouTube videos below for those that prefer to watch with video

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Day one is complete at the Aviva Singapore Super Series and nothing too surprising so far. The only seed to fall that is noteworthy is Denmark’s Joachim Persson who lost to the Dutch player Eric Pang. This isn’t too big a surprise, but certainly a performance that Pang should be happy with.

In the upcoming round I’m curious about a couple of matches in particular, Chen Jin vs Rajiv Ouseph, and Wong Choong Han vs Bao Chunlai. I love to see new talent thriving, and while it’s very unlikely that Ouseph will beat Chen Jin, it will still be interesting to watch. As for Wong Choong Han and Bao Chunlai, this interests me because Wong has definitely appeared to be on his way out over the last couple of years, but he still has moments of brilliance here and there. He could pose trouble for Bao, but we’ll see what happens.

Aviva Singapore Super Series 2009 Draws

Just as I predicted, Taufik has beaten Peter Gade. I also must add that this is a particularly gutsy prediction seeing as Gade has been playing well the past few months, and Taufik has done very little over the last couple years. Taufik won the match in two straight games 21-17, 21-18 and now faces Lee Chong Wei in the semi-finals. My money is still on Taufik. Lee Chong Wei has yet to really be tested, he lost a game in the first match of the tournament, but I’m sure that was just a bit of a slow start for him. Taufik on the other hand has had a few tough matches, so he is more ready for a battle than Lee Chong Wei is.

On the other side of the draw we’ll see Lin Dan aginst Chen Jin. Lin Dan thumped Joachim Persson while Chen Jin barely snuck out a win against Sho Sasaki. My money is on Lin Dan for this one, he is out to make a point that he is the world’s best, too bad Taufik will show him what’s up in the finals!

Yonex All England Open 2009 Draws

This is what I’m looking forward to seeing the results from tomorrow, Gade vs Hidayat. I’m betting on Hidayat, my friend Stephan is betting on Gade. I would normally agree with Stephan, but this is the only title that Hidayat has not won yet, and I think he is going to really put his everything into this event. He had a close one today against England’s Andrew Smith, but don’t underestimate Smith, he is good.


None of the other matches have the same intrigue that this one does. Joachim Persson may be able to challenge Lin Dan, but it’s unlikely. Persson has yet to have another breakthrough since his really big win over Kuan Beng Hong, and Lin Dan is looking as fierce as ever. Chen Jin will beat Sho Sasaki hands down, and Lee Chong Wei will definitely beat Ville Lang who is only at the stage he is at because Sony Dwi Kuncoro dropped out. I would say that overall today was a fairly boring, routine day, and what we saw was an example that in spite of the depth, the top 8 or even the top 5 players, are a fair bit better than the rest (or at least way more consistent). Anyway, tomorrow should be more exciting than today!

Yonex All England Open Super Series 2009 Draws

This has to be the upset of the day, Denmark’s Jan O Jorgensen defeated Malaysia’s Wong Choong Han in straight games 21-13, 21-15. He didn’t just win, he won decisively, and in spite of Wong Choong Han slowly fading into the twilight of his career, this is a big win for Jorgensen. What makes this especially exciting for Jorgensen is that he now plays Joachim Persson, a player that many view as the next great Danish hope, but perhaps Jorgensen can lay claim to that title tomorrow? Elsewhere in the draw Germany’s Marc Zwiebler had a very big win as well over Boonsak Ponsana winning 22-20 in the third, and Ville Lang defeated Dicky Palyama in three games as well. These were certainly the surprises of the day.

Jan O Jorgensen

Jan O Jorgensen

Peter Gade has continued his strong super series performances with a clear win over Simon Santoso 21-14, 21-13, while my pick Taufik Hidayat struggled against Hsieh Yu Hsin, but managed to win in three.

Tomorrow should have some very intriguing matches, particularly amongst the the Chinese players who are all playing each other! Yes that’s right, Gong Weijie plays his juniors nemesis Chen Jin, while Lin Dan plays his juniors nemesis Bao Chunlai. These are some ridiculous matches to have in the second round, well at least the Lin Dan vs Bao Chunlai match is. I will go with the favourites in both of these matches, Lin Dan and Chen Jin will win. To top things off though, they are all in the same half, which means there will NOT be an all China final, I like that.

I’m nervous about my Taufik pick, but I’m thinking it’s just a bit of jitters, he’ll pull things back together and perhaps it’s even good for him to have an early round challenge to keep him sharp, just so long as his fitness can handle it.

Yonex All England 2009 Draws

After a great performance at the recent China Open Super Series, Lin Dan is still looking strong as he heads into the semi-finals against Taufik Hidayat. It has been a long time since these two have played against each other in a big tournament, and at this stage of the event. Unfortunately for Lee Chong Wei fans the world number 1 did not play this tournament, and I’m not sure why, perhaps an injury, or an injured ego after losing to Lin Dan a couple weeks ago.

Surprisingly Peter Gade lost early on to the young Chinese player Gong Weijie who was then crushed by Chen Jin. Chen Jin will be playing Boonsak Ponsana in his semi-final. Another disappointment for the Danes was the early loss of Joachim Persson to India’s Arvind Bhat.

Hong Kong Open Super Series 2008 Draws

(I know I may have posted this video before, but I wanted to have something featuring Taufik and Lin Dan)


If you were following my updates to last week’s New Zealand Open you’ll recall my complaint about the limited number of top players that could actually contend for the title, well this week in China we do not have that problem. With the exception of Joachim Persson and Park Sung Hwan I would say that every single one of the seeds at this event have the potential to win. Now, both of these guys have the potential to have a breakthrough, but a win at this level would be just that.

I’m excited to see a Peter Gade vs Lin Dan showdown in the finals, but they’ll both have to make it there and the competition is fierce. At these events you have few freebies, although Lin Dan was sending a message in his first match winning 21-2, 21-11. That should make it clear to all of the other contenders that Lin Dan is not as rusty as we might expect. Let’s see how he does against promising young upstart Gong Weijie (I played this guy when he was like 15 or 14 years old, he demolished me when I was 19 years old).

Li Ning China Open Super Series 2008 Draws

Lin Dan vs Taufik Hidayat at the 2007 French Open (just felt like posting a Lin Dan video)


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