Kaveh Mehrabi is Iran’s top badminton player.  In 2008 he was the first Iranian badminton player to qualify for the Olympics.  Currently Kaveh lives and trains in Copenhagen, Denmark at the International Badminton Academy under Michael Kjeldsen.

Lauren Todt is an American badminton player originally from California.  Lauren has been living in Denmark for a little over a year and a half now playing in the Danish badminton club leagues and the EBU circuit tournaments.  She is currently training at the International Badminton Academy under the guidance of Michael Kjeldsen and we spoke briefly with her about her experiences in Denmark and at the IBA.

Stephan and I did another training diary at the IBA, but this time we decided we’d put in a little tip for you. Today Stephan explains how to feed multi shuttles to your training partner. Hope you find this helpful.


Check out this video from Tuesday I went with Stephan to his training at the International Badminton Academy’s new location at the Kastrup Magleby Badminton Club. They recently did some major renovations, and they are spectacular. This is Stephan’s first training session since he injured his knee at the recent US Open.


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