India Open Badminton 2009: Finals Results

On March 29, 2009, in Minor BWF Tournaments, by Emmet Gibney

After a difficult past couple of weeks Lee Chong Wei was unable to keep the hopes alive for his Malaysian fans, and today it looks like his compatriot Hafiz Hashim was also unable to bring home the title as he lost to Taufik Hidayat 21-18, 21-19. In all of their 6 previous encounters Taufik was the victor.

For the time being it looks like there is a bit of a break in the international calendar. We won’t see much from the top players until April 7th when the Happy Suwon Asian Badminton Championship 2009 starts in Suwon, Korea. There doesn’t seem to be any draws posted for that event so far but we’ll be sure to post those soon.

India Open Badminton 2009 Draws

I might not have paid him much attention initially, but Chen Long is proving he is worthy of our respect. He is now into the semi-finals of the India Open. His latest victim was Lee Tsuen Seng who he defeated 21-15, 21-8, a fairly convincing victory from the looks of the score. Next he will play Hafiz Hashim who knocked out Indonesia’s Andre Tedjono in three games 21-18, 14-21, 21-16.

On the bottom half of the draw we have an all Indonesia semi-final between Taufik Hidayat and Tommy Sugiarto. Sugiarto is the son of the famous Icuk Sugiarto. It is highly unlikely that he will be able to beat Taufik, but who knows, crazier things have happened. My money is on Taufik to win the tournament, but of course Taufik can be incredibly unpredictable so who knows.

India Open Badminton 2009 Draws

The official draws have yet to be updated yet, so I have no idea what is happening there. If anyone knows what’s happening I’d love it if you could contact me or leave a comment on this post regarding where we could find the results.

India Open Badminton 2009: My Predictions

On March 17, 2009, in Minor BWF Tournaments, by Emmet Gibney

It would be silly of me to predict any other result that a Lee Chong Wei vs Taufik Hidayat final. I’ll go with Lee Chong Wei for this one. What could be interesting is if Andrew Smith makes it to the semis and play Taufik. I know I talk about this kid a lot, and he hasn’t had a top 10 win yet, but it’s coming I promise. He did just beat Wong Choong Han, so he is legitimate.

I think the guy to look out for on the other side is Hafiz Hashim. He is suffering from a low ranking, but he is incredibly talented, as is his brother Roslin. This tournament is going to be a lot of Malaysians kicking butt for the most part.

India Open Badminton 2009 Draws

Lee Chong Wei Won! I know that a lot of Malaysian readers come here, so I’m sure that you’re all very proud of Lee Chong Wei. Lee won the finals 21-16, 21-16, and I’m not that surprised. Lee is the number one player in the world, but he still needs to beat Lin Dan in one of the big events like Worlds, Olympics, or All Englands.

The next big tournament, is the Yonex Sunrise India Open 2009, and the top two seeds are Lee Chong Wei and Taufik Hidayat.

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