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In this edition we discuss the results from the recently completed All England Super Series 2010.  I was joined by BWF Players Commission Chairman Bobby Milroy.  Milroy is also the President of ClearOne Sports which operates ClearOne Badminton Center in Vancouver, Canada.

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All England Super Series 2010: Badminton Life Analysis Audio version

Full Results from the All England Super Series 2010

Welcome everyone to our first ever Skype video show. At this point we have no name for the show but leave a comment if you have any suggestions for a name, or if you have anything to add to our analysis.

We apologize for being a little late to do this as both these events have come and gone a while ago. In the future we plan to do this after every major event.

In this edition of the unnamed show we discuss Lee Chong Wei’s incredible performances at the first two Super Series events, Joachim Persson’s struggles to regain his form, and even a brief discussion of upcoming star Viktor Axelsen.

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We go with Stephan to do some sprints at a nearby park here in Copenhagen. Emmet gets lost along the way because of Stephan’s poor directions, but eventually finds Stephan so he can explain to everyone how the sprints work. The idea is that Stephan is trying to run as fast as he can to train his fast twitch muscles, so you shouldn’t be pushing yourself until you get tired, but just train your muscles’ nerves so they “fire” faster.


Check out this video from Tuesday I went with Stephan to his training at the International Badminton Academy’s new location at the Kastrup Magleby Badminton Club. They recently did some major renovations, and they are spectacular. This is Stephan’s first training session since he injured his knee at the recent US Open.


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