The BWF World Badminton Championships will be getting underway shortly.  For those of you interested in watching the events live you’ll be able to do so on this page shortly.  The embedded YouTube clips below will be active once the matches go live.  Enjoy!

Session 1


Session 2

Round 32

Round 16

QFinals Session 1

QFinals Session 2

Semi Finals Session 1

Semi Finals Session 2


Are you interested in going to the BWF World Badminton Championships this August in London? Well we have managed to get our hands on tickets to the event. If you want to win tickets to the event leave a comment on this post and be sure to share it with your Facebook friends. We have a limited number of tickets so the first people to comment will get the tickets. We’ll be giving 2 tickets to each successful winner so you can bring a friend as well :)

The tickets are for Monday August 8th by the way.

Update: These tickets are to the event. They do not include travel to London, you’ll have to figure that out yourself ;)

Second Update: The contest is now closed. We will be contacting the winners shortly. No further submissions will be accepted. Thanks to those who entered!

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