We go with Stephan to do some sprints at a nearby park here in Copenhagen. Emmet gets lost along the way because of Stephan’s poor directions, but eventually finds Stephan so he can explain to everyone how the sprints work. The idea is that Stephan is trying to run as fast as he can to train his fast twitch muscles, so you shouldn’t be pushing yourself until you get tired, but just train your muscles’ nerves so they “fire” faster.


Interview: Joachim Persson

On July 23, 2009, in Podcasts, Video, by Emmet Gibney

While in Denmark I visited the Danish National Training Center and met up with the Danish number 2, and World number 7 ranked player, Joachim Persson. Persson was born and originally played for Germany, however as he entered the senior ranks he made the decision to move to Denmark and play for their team. The move has seen him move quickly up the world rankings, although he has missed out on playing at the Olympics as a result. In this interview I speak to Joachim about his early years in badminton, his progression to the Danish national team, and his aspirations for the future.

Updated: I have added the YouTube videos below for those that prefer to watch with video

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

With few surprises so far, top seeded Wong Choong Han is on to the quarter-finals at this weeks SCG Thailand Grand Prix Gold. After beating Korea’s Rho Ye Wook, Wong is now set to play Hong Kong’s Hu Yun. Wong Choong Han is still a strong player but in the past few years since his achilles tendon injury he has not been able to reach his way back to where he once was.

Elsewhere in the draw local favourite Boonsak Ponsana struggled a little bit with Korea’s Han Ki Hoon, but won in three games 21-9, 20-22, 21-10. Ponsana is the third seed at this event, and in my opinion has the best chance to take out Wong Choong Han. He will also be playing a Hong Kong player, Chan Yun Lung, in the quarter-finals. Another Hong Kong player, Ng Wei, struggled his way to the quarter-finals by beating Korea’s Park Sung Min in three close games, 21-19, 13-21, 21-18. Finally the last notable left at the quarter-final stage is Vietnam’s Tien Minh Nguyen who had an easy match against Kim Sa Rang winning 21-14, 21-6.

For full results view the draw for the SCG Thailand Grand Prix Gold 2009

My battery is running low here so I won’t be able to update as frequently. Here is the line up for the mens doubles semi-finals:

Court 1
Will Milroy and Toby Ng vs Francois Champagne and Manuel Thomas

Court 2
Kyle Hunter and Timothy Ma vs Mike Beres and Alvin Lau

I missed what happened on court 2, but they’re already in the second game, I think Mike and Alvin won the first. On court 1 Will and Toby are leading 13-7.

Update #1
Will and Toby won the first game 21-10. Kyle and Timothy are losing 17-11, and it looks like they actually won the first game.

Update #2
I totally got the scores wrong for court 2… Kyle and Tim just won the match, didn’t hear the scores, but the are in the finals now.

Update #3
Pretty surprised, Will and Toby just lost the second game, starting the third now.

Update #4
Will and Toby are leading at the interval, 11-6.

Update #5
Will and Toby won the match, last game was 21-11.

So the finals line up is Kyle Hunter and Timothy Ma vs Will Milroy and Toby Ng.

2009 Yonex Canadian National Championships Mens Doubles Draws

Here is the line up for the mens singles semi-finals:

Andrew Dabeka vs Joseph Rogers – court 1


Stephan Wojcikiewicz vs David Snider – court 2


The matches are just starting now with David and Andrew leading by a couple in the first few rallies (in their respective matches that is)

Update #1
Andrew is making short work of Joseph, leading 9-2 while court 2 is Steph leading 8-6. By the way I might not be able to do anymore pictures as my iPhone is my camera and is dying.

Update #2
Joseph gained back some ground, it’s now 10-7 for Andrew. The other match is 10-10.

Update #3
Andrew leads 15-9 while David leads 15-13.

Update #4
David leads 16-15 while Andrew leads 18-12. The lines here are impossible to call, if you have played here you know what I mean.

Update #5
Andrew just won the first game 21-13. Joe made a lot of errors, he didn’t seem nervous, but Andrew was doing a really good job of keeping the pressure on.

Court two tied 21 all, very tight game, both players are doing well, not many errors here.

Update #6
David just won the first game 23-21.

Update #7
Andrew is leading 11-4 at the second game interval. Court 2 is tied 7 all.

Update #8
David leads 14-13 while Andrew leads 14-9

Update #9
David and Steph tied at 18, with Andrew leading 19-13. ps if anyone is actually reading these updates live please leave a comment so I know I’m not wasting my time.

Update #10
Andrew won, and David just won as well… Looks like we’ll be seeing Andrew and David in the finals tomorrow.
2009 Yonex Canadian National Championships Mens Singles Draws

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