Interview: 1997 World Champion Peter Rasmussen

On April 21, 2009, in Podcasts, by Emmet Gibney

Interview audio recording with Peter Rasmussen

Here is an interview I did with Peter Rasmussen, the 1997 World Champion. Peter is very well known in the international badminton scene as being one of the best Danish badminton players in recent history. Peter had to retire because of nagging injuries, but he left his mark on the badminton tour nonetheless. Here are some highlights from the show:

-Peter wasn’t a star his whole career, he didn’t start showing real results until his late teens

-Peter was only 22 years old when he won the World Championships

-Peter participated in the two longest matches in badminton history (1997 world championships and danish nationals against Peter Gade)

-After working with a new coach, and learning his methods Peter saw major improvements over a short period of time

-As a result of this coach, Peter plays a much more “Asian” style than most Danes, we also go over what this means

-Peter talks about his training methods, and Bushido philosophy

-And much, much more!

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