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  1. i want to be a champion

  2. Agus Virga Tendean says:

    I like it for watch the broadcast of badminton tournament in the World……….But how to watch the live broadcast of badminton???

  3. Arun says:

    Emmett and friends,
    Love your site and all the Badminton video and news. WE hope to visit during the Games,but are looking for info to rent an RV/Motorhome for about a month and hang around campgrounds in and around the London area venues. Looks pretty spread out on their site, Lord Coe etc.
    Sorry to impose, but does anyone possibly have any suggestions other than “forget it mate…it’s too bl..dy late!? I feel there’s got to be a way even this late in the day(game)right?
    Afraid I’ve got that badminton tenacity, never give up until I win!
    Cheers, for any ideas at all ~Arun

  4. Arun says:

    Agus,Check online to see who televises in your time zone. Sorry you did’nt get a reply yet but maybe someone else has a better answer.
    Good Luck and enjoy!

  5. lars heijblom says:

    Hello BadmintonLife,

    I have a question…. Long time ago I purchased the badminton fitness athlete dvd!
    But I can’t find my program anywhere, how can I download or get all the info again that I need?!!
    It is the schedule where it says how many reps and sets of exercises of each chapter of the dvd!!

    Please help, after a long injury I want to start again and it will help a lot if I have more discipline in for instance the movement preparation and how to recover etc.!!

    Thank you, Greets from me!!!


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