Malaysia’s younger and semi retired players eagerly steps in the court. We’ve seen the return of Misbun Sidek, the former coach of World Number 1 Lee Chong Wei. Misbun Sidek was there to coach his son Misbun Ramdan Misbun, since quitting the national team (BAM) 3 years ago. Ramdan Misbun, did well in the first round of qualification defeating former compatriot Goh Soon Huat in a hard fought match 24-2222-20 in 44 minutes.


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Misbun Ramdan who left the national team to be under the guidance of his father who is a legend in badminton as player and a coach, early last year. Misbun Ramdan dug deep in his reserves and put up a great fighting performance but when down to China’s Huan Gao in an hour match 9-21 21-12 17-21. Nervousness and maybe lack of experience cost him the match but won the attention of the crowd and displayed great skills like his father. Huan Gao made a surprise win over much more reputable opponent, non other than Indonesia’s Simon Santoso  14-2124-2221-19  in 1 hour and 20 minutes titanic battle.

Another young player Zulfadli Zuklifi who managed to scored an upset to much more experienced player and Singapore’s number 1 Derek Wong. Zulfadli who was Malaysia’s first  World and Asia Junior Champion, which he won 2 years ago; displayed great controlled and understanding of game and won Derek Wong in an almost one sided game  21-1521-18  in the first qualifying round. Zulfadli was tamed by Korean upcoming star Lee Dong Keun in 47 minutes 17-21, 14-21. The Korean proved to be physically over powering the former World and Asia Junior Champion who more soft in physical appearance.

image source: the star


Another surprise is the return of Hafiz Hashim who was the 2003 All England Champion. The former badminton star of Malaysia, partnered up with former national player Razif Latif and managed to choked up a win with more experienced and doubles specialist Indonesian’s Alvent Yulianto and Japan’s Ikeda Shintaro 16-2121-1521-17  and disposed younger national players Low Juan Shen and Tai An Khang  21-816-2121-18 to qualified to the first round the Premier Super Series event. Hafiz Hashim and Razif Latif gallant run did not last long as they might went out of gas and was outplayed by the 6th seeds Japan’s Endo Hiroyuki and Hayakawa Kenichi 6-21, 7-21 in just 24 minutes in the first round of the tournament.



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