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On November 18, 2013, in Badminton News, by Andrew Chang

Revived Chong Wei ready for battle at the Hong Kong Open 2013

After a string of disappointments, losing the World Championship finals to Lin Dan and the All England in March and the Denmark Open 2013 last month to Chen Long.  World number 1 Lee Chong Wei is ready for action after skipping the China Open 2013 last week. Lee Chong Wei had a hectic schedule since the 2012 London Olympics. He has been competing in leagues and non stop internal tournaments and event. Hopefully the 1 week rest would give sufficient time to actually rest and ready to finish the year with a bang!

Lee Chong Wei has not won more than 6 Super Series title in a year since the tournament début in 2007.  Lee Chong Wei who skipped the China Open last week due to an old ankle injury which he picked up last year at the Thomas Cup. The 31 years old World number 1,  is expecting to clash with young top badminton prospect Chen Long  in the final of the Hong Kong Open 2013. Chen Long who is looking good to take over the living legend Lin Dan.

Unlike Chong Wei, his arch rival Lin Dan is currently in semi retired mode since winning the World Championship a couple of months back the fifth time! I think it’s a good to have sufficient time to rest especially at this age! At this age, spending time with family is good for the morale and the mind not to get drained up just like Chong Wei. Just like any top prize fighters in boxing. They only compete once or twice year and still get performed well during match day. That’s because usually when they were younger they compete more and when you go grow older rest is important. Lee Chong Wei should do that and wait for the next Champion to emerged to challenge him and Lin Dan.

Another surprise for the Hong Kong Open 2013 this week, we will see the reigning Olympic and former 4 times World Champion Cai Yun and Fui Hai Feng reuniting back. They had been split up a few months back due to a drop of form since winning the London Olympic Games 2012 last year and had been labelled too old to shoulder the flag. After splitting up the pair and partnering them with younger players hasn’t proved much resistance yet in the badminton world.


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