If China’s plan is to demoralize Lee Chong Wei before the Olympics, their plan is succeeding. After two losses in a month to Chen Long, the world number has suffered a double defeat to Lin Dan in back to back events but this time it was in front of a partisan crowd in Shanghai.

Chinese Dominance In Singles

Lin Dan’s 75-minute marathon victory over Lee Chong ensured two all-Chinese finals in the singles, with Chen Long defeating Simon Santoso in two games to ensure his place in the final without the loss of a game. The two finalists last met in exactly a year ago in this event at the final, with Lin Dan winning in three games and currently leads their overall head to head 2-0. The women’s singles final also sees the 2nd and 3rd seeds from Chinese face each other, with Wang Yihan taking on Wang Xin. Both players progressed after a tough three game match against an unseeded Chinese player, with Wang Xin saving two match points against Li Xuerui to reach the final, winning 23-21 in the deciding game.

Danish Delight In Doubles

Whilst China can claim half of the remaining finalists in the doubles events, Denmark can also claim two of their own in a resurgence of form for the European nation. Boe and Mogensen defeated the 2nd seeded Lee and Jung in one of the best results of the year for the former world number one pairing and will take on Ko and Yoo of Korea in the only final with no Chinese interests. The women’s doubles final sees the pairing of Wang and Yu going for win number 58 of the year against the unseeded pairing of Tang and Xia who received a walkover against Tian and Zhao in their semi final. Zhao Yunlei managed to reach one final with partner Zhang Nan in the mixed doubles and will take on the Danish pairing of Fischer Neilsen and Pedersen who have an excellent 4-1 head to head matchup against the world number 1 pairing, but the Chinese pairs only victory came in their most recent encounter, last week in Hong Kong.

Day 4 Results

2 Responses to China Open Super Series 2011: Lin Too Strong For Chong Wei

  1. robertc says:

    Lee Chong Wei has to reflect on what he didn’t do and what Lin Dan did in his past matches. Learn from your losses. Time is running out. He may have to come up with a new style of play that will rattle/unsettle Lin. He may want to prime himself physically too in order to execute this new style with ease. But what operates in the mind is the most important factor during the match with Lin. You may have a strategy to play Lin before the match or even backup plans during the match. But you must remember that the game is dynamic in nature.One may dictate the game but the other may not sit back and take all the beating like a fool. I’ve seen many times when Lin switches tactics or ups the tempo to surge a few points ahead when the scores are level to give himself a comfortable buffer to be ahead of Lee and whenever he reaches point 15 or after, he switches tactics again to put the set away. And of course, he uses psychology during and AFTER the game. The pulling out of his shirt is also a tactic to further demoralize the loser.

  2. Jagus says:

    Lee Chong Wei never learnt from his mistakes. He may have plans prior or during the match but unable to execute them. What LCW has to do is to attack Lin Dan earlier rather than waiting to be attacked like a fool. The objective is to win points no matter how u get them. No matter how ugly Lin Dan plays, even when he is not at his peak, LCW tends to lose. Korean football coach might be right by saying each sportsman must know at least 1 martial art that they might have psychological strength be it in the field or badminton court. The way i see it, Lin Dan must have known Kung Fu more than LCW does. judging from their physique, i do not think LCW knows any type of martial arts.

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