Are you interested in going to the BWF World Badminton Championships this August in London? Well we have managed to get our hands on tickets to the event. If you want to win tickets to the event leave a comment on this post and be sure to share it with your Facebook friends. We have a limited number of tickets so the first people to comment will get the tickets. We’ll be giving 2 tickets to each successful winner so you can bring a friend as well :)

The tickets are for Monday August 8th by the way.

Update: These tickets are to the event. They do not include travel to London, you’ll have to figure that out yourself ;)

Second Update: The contest is now closed. We will be contacting the winners shortly. No further submissions will be accepted. Thanks to those who entered!

80 Responses to BWF World Badminton Championships 2011 London: Win Tickets

  1. Kwun says:

    are you serious? ;)

  2. weqfw says:

    SUP! I want the tickets!!!!!

  3. Racekonijn says:

    2 tickets for the badminton WC!! That’s great! Are they for the finals? :D

  4. David says:

    So as we say it in french “qui ne tente rien, n’a rien….”

  5. Celine says:

    I try to

  6. Dylan says:

    Me too… We don’t know the future. :D

  7. George says:

    Well, i would love to get my hands on the tickets!:D

  8. PeterHoegHidayat says:

    i really liked to participate in your lottery. the worlds were always my dream to watch. first round or finals any games will do :) .

  9. Vivano Nget says:

    You guys are so COOL !! A trip to see WC in any event would be a blast !! Count me in the lottery and I’ll try to auction my 2nd ticket to one of my MANY friends…not !! You guys rock !!

  10. m0rtz says:

    hey, free tickets for one of the most important sport events, i’d like to go there

  11. theflyingrodent says:

    Yeah, having them would be great.

  12. F Morris says:

    I was gutted not to get 2012 Olympic tix for badminton (or any at all for that matter). So if I get these, it will help me recover a little from the total disappointment!

  13. Deheng Xie says:

    Thanks for this opportunity, I really love to see it this time live!

  14. Fi says:

    are the tickets still up for grabs?? I only just received the email!!

  15. isabella says:

    ooh. very interested in going and was trying to decide which day to book

  16. Darren says:

    Would be great to take a friend to see a great tournament with exceptional players on view, plus to see how we will do come the olympics : )

  17. Salvijus says:

    We’re proud of our badminton star Kęstutis Navickas here in Lithuania and I would like to see him playing in World badminton championships and support him.

  18. Gaddesden1670 says:

    I ll c u there mr gibney !

  19. Curtis says:

    I want in!! I’ve never seen a real badminton tournament before.

  20. Liza says:

    WOW! Hope to win a ticket…

  21. Ian says:

    It’d be good to see how proper players play badders!

  22. sudhakar says:

    Great news! Hope Saina wins the women’s singles title! Go for it Saina Nehwal!!!

  23. Heather Moon says:

    Thanks for helping keep badminton in the spotlight Emmet. I would love to watch world class badminton. Such a graceful game and so popular, yet seemingly with little public attention as a spectator sport. Having been brought up in a badminton family and abandoning it myself for most of my twenties and thirties I’m enjoying a playing renaissance at low level local league but still have never watched a championship live!

  24. martin ng says:

    Oh yes please! 2 tickets!

  25. Russ says:

    Free tickets. Awesome! Did anyone here get badminton tickets for the Olympics?

  26. Anne Corbett says:

    Can’t wait! Will be good badminton :’) x

  27. Christian says:

    Ok, I take the tickets! ;)

  28. Ajay says:

    Hi there Emmet, I have been following your website for a while now, although my first time posting a comment. Keep up the great work you do. Please could you send me two tickets to the event. Thanks.

  29. Martin says:

    Sounds 2 good 2 b true, count me in ;-) !!!!!!!

  30. Emmet Gibney says:

    Wow, lots of responses it looks like!

    We will be getting in touch with everyone who wins a ticket via email, so make sure when you commented you entered your valid email address.

    We will be contacting the winners soon!

  31. Dave says:

    This is great! Phantastic! Superb!

  32. Sydney says:

    Maybe it’s too late to get ticket but we never know ;-) !?

  33. Samant says:

    Looking forward to see you all in England .i.e. provided BadmintonLife is serious about giving tickets…

  34. Andreja says:

    Hello everybody, it’s really nice from You.

    Can’t wait to start ;)


  35. le ho says:

    I am in :)

  36. leroy says:

    I gave been ill so have been unable to play for s few months do it would be great to get a couple of tickets.

  37. Khong Yuen Yeap says:

    Emmet, It’s would be greatest thing to happen to a badminton fan to be able to witness the greatest badminton show on earth in this historic city of London

  38. mohan says:

    2 tickets for the world?? Wow, it’s just awesome — can hardly wait to get my hands on them!!

  39. mahzan abdul samad says:

    this site is simply awesome!! Informations coming from you spurs the interest even more!!! Been to WC2007 (courtside and coach’s bench!) and the chance to repeat the feelings of ‘being there’ is something an ardent fan like me waiting for!!!

  40. sehaj says:

    the most awaited championships are here this august.
    thank u for the tickets …. gesture appreciated!!

  41. Kenneth Edmund says:

    Hi =), Badminton is my life!! Would really love to watch the World Badminton Championships yeehaaa!!!

  42. Marlene says:

    I hope I am not to late to get tickets. Love to take my daughter.

  43. farahana says:

    Malaysia should win this time! I want to watch it!

  44. MaheshAC says:

    Wow, watching BWF live would be lovely and more lively if you watch it for free!!!

  45. This is probably not a bad place to share this piece that I wrote on Saina before the All England Despite her indifferent form, I would pick her as the fav to win the World Championships this time. On the men’s draw, it’s impossible to look beyond Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei, but who could rule out the magical Taufik! And I am travelling to UK during that time to catch both the Badminton and India’s test series (Cricket) in England!

  46. Pushkal says:

    Thanks Badmintonlife for the initiative. You guys are doing great service to the wonderful sports called Badminton. Anyone who plays it simply fall is love with it.

    I would be great to have the tickets for the event.

    Keep it up!!

  47. Sean Siew says:

    I want to be there to witness LCW to win the championship.

  48. Mon Claire says:

    Oh,I couldn’t,I’ll be at The Indian Ocean Island Game at this time,that’s a pity!

  49. Avgi Oikonomidou says:

    Summer vacation in my village in Greece vs tickets for the world championship: eh…. easy choice!

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