Today we launched a new layout for Badminton Life. The previous layout was a bit confusing for some of our readers, so we felt it would be helpful if we simplified things a little bit for you. We have also removed the forums and social profiles from the site as very few people seemed to use them. Going forward we are going to focus on covering the results of the BWF tour events, and on providing you with the best badminton coaching and training advice on the internet. We are also working on some other really exciting stuff, but we’ll have to tell you about that another time :)

Let us know what you think about our new simplified layout.


5 Responses to Badminton Life Releases New Website Layout

  1. Simon says:

    Maybe a good a idea, because most people are used to go to badmintoncentral in order to talk about Badminton on a regular basis. It would have needed a lot of effort in order to keep the forum activity alive.

    Nonetheless I think it’s a little bit strange that there’s no membership anymore!

  2. brian says:

    The format is nice and clean. And clear-cut English news on the professional circuit is most welcome.
    You were wise to phase out the forums. Looking forward to the “exciting stuff”. More interviews? Contests?

  3. Emmet Gibney says:

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

    Simon, we don’t have membership because the membership didn’t actually DO anything for people. We’re hoping to do something in the future that adds some value not just to people who want to chat about badminton, but to people who play badminton and the badminton organizations.

  4. Simon says:

    A login gives you more the feeling of being a part of something, if you know what I mean.

    BTW: I think it would also be a good feature, if there was information about where the latest commentaries took place. Otherwise you have to check topics on spec without knowing if they were commented on or not.

  5. Simon says:

    It’s really annoying to watch a pop-up window coming up all the time when entering this site!

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