Once again the OSIM BWF World Super Series is being streamed live by Total Sports Asia. The All England Badminton Championships is the most prestigious tournament on the calendar and streaming runs from March 8th to March 13th. The live streaming schedule is as follows:

Round 16:
Thursday 10 March from 10.00am (UTC/GMT)

All Quarter-Finals:
Friday 11 March from 5.00pm (UTC/GMT)

All Semi-Finals:
Saturday 12 March from 12.30pm (UTC/GMT)

All Finals:
Sunday 13 March from 12.00pm (UTC/GMT)

2 Responses to All England Badminton 2011 Live Streaming

  1. FRANKLIN LOO says:

    Here is my suggestion in order to improved ALL ENGLAND BADMINTON TOURNAMENT with a unique twist to win fans & commercials sponsorships.
    Why not in coming ALL ENGLAND Badminton event, all players compulsory wearing white just like the Wimbledon. Hope the prize money for ALL ENGLAND will be raise up especially MEN Singles.

  2. twitten says:

    Ther’re so many media platforms these days, why not show the kids, youth, and generations out there what a attractive sport is badminton and how challenging it could be, by streaming live these events, these days everyone is looking for “content” here is something original, really creative, why not show it to the public free and build a platform.

    This game could only go forward, not backwards!

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