Lee Chong Wei Finally Wins All England Title

It was the year of the unseeded players to shine, a resurrection of Danish badminton and a dream realized for one of the best players ever as Lee Chong Wei took his first All England Championships. Tine Rasmussen avenged her 2009 defeat and a new force in mixed doubles shone on the biggest stage.

Mens Singles:

Unseeded Kenichi Tago looked for one last sensational performance in a week he will consider one of the best of his career to date, all that stood in his way of the most stunning of stories was the winner of the Korean and Malaysian Super Series events, Lee Chong Wei. The Japanese player lead for most of the opening game before a 6-point run for the top seed put him ahead and despite a stern fightback by Tago, Lee Chong Wei took the game 21-19.

The second game was more comfortable for Lee Chong Wei, despite several fightbacks by Tago to level the scores up, he was unable to take the lead in the second game. Tago managed to save two match points from 17-20 down but Lee Chong Wei took the match at the third attempt to claim his first All England title 21-19, 21-19.


Women’s Singles:

The final turned into a repeat of the 2009 final, with Tine Rasmussen taking on Wang Yihan. The opening game was dominated by the Dane, never letting Wang Yihan into it and winning the game 21-14. The Chinese top seed turned the match on it’s head with a dominating performance in the second game, a game she lead for the majority of and won 21-18 to take the match into a deciding game. The third game was a much tighter encounter, as both players held the lead at stages throughout, with the match poised at 19-19, Tine Rasmussen calmly served out to win the title 21-19 and avenge her 2009 defeat to Wang Yihan.


Mens Doubles:

An All-Danish final guaranteed a second title for Denmark as Lars Paaske and Jonas Rasmussen took on 4th seeded Boe and Mogensen. The unseeded pair had defeated the top seeds and 3rd seeds to reach this point and needed just one win over the 4th seeds to cap off an incredible week in Birmingham. The opening game was a tight affair, with the 4th seeds leading for most of the game before a late fightback from the unseeded Paaske and Rasmussen gave them a late lead, only for the 4th seeds to retake the lead to win the opening game 23-21 after saving two games points.

The second game was a copy of the first, only this time Paaske and Rasmussen led most of the way only to slip up late on but rallied back to take the second game 21-19 to set up a deciding game. The third game was a superb encounter, with the duos exchanging points with each other for the opening 18 points, Paaske and Rasmussen then broke into a slight lead, only to be reeled back in at 18-18 and then the 4th seeds saved a match point and then had four chances to win the match before Paaske and Rasmussen strung three points together from 23-24 down to win the match 26-24.


Women’s Doubles:

The All-Chinese final was between the top seeded Du and Yu and 3rd seeded Zhao and Cheng. The first game was dominated by the lower seeded Zhao and Cheng before giving up an 18-13 lead to allow the top seeds a game point in the first, before coming back to win the game 22-20. The second game looked to be going the same way but Du and Yu reeled off 7 points from 15-12 down to an unassailable lead in the game to win the second game and level the match up at 21-16.

The top seeds had the momentum in third and proved why they were the top seeded pair in the event with another run of points late in the third game to give them a lead that they would never give up and won the third game 21-13.


Mixed Doubles:

Unseeded Zhang and Zhao had defeated the 1st, 4th and 8th seeds to reach the final and had another seed standing in their way of their unlikely mixed doubles success in the 2nd seeded Widianto and Natsir. The second seeds started off the better and took a lead for most of the game. At 14-18 down, the Chinese pair reeled off point after point before winning the opening game with their first game point and a 7-point streak to take a shock lead in the match. The second game was a much tighter affair but the Chinese pair managed to stay in touch and had two chances in the second game to win the match before the 2nd seed clinched the second game 25-23 to set up a deciding third game.

Natsir and Widianto continued on in the third game from where they finished in the second, opening an early 9-3 lead. The Chinese continued to chip into the lead and levelled the scores at 14-14 and reeled an important three point run off at 16-16 to give them breathing space, Natsir and Widianto brought it back to 19-18, then the Chinese pair calmly served out to claim their first All England title, winning the deciding game 21-18.

Final Day Results:

For the All England Championships 2011 Results Click Here

16 Responses to Yonex All England Super Series 2010: Lee Chong Wei Wins His First All England

  1. Emmet Gibney says:

    If ever there was a player who deserved to win it’s Lee Chong Wei!

  2. Robin Soon says:

    Emmet I agree 100%!

  3. Nab says:

    Congratulation Chong Wei! You deserve it. All Msian are very proud of you!

  4. hisham says:

    TQ dato.. so proud to be Malaysian

  5. razak tahir says:

    you deserved it,lee chong wei.

  6. nina says:

    i’m very proud of you dato’..go malaysia..go…malaysia boleh..

  7. mizam says:

    i may be bruneian…but lee chong wei is the best.. :D

  8. Andy McD says:

    Dear Moderator,

    I sincerely hope you will be more careful before allowing people like Nazri to post racist comments.

    It’s just like saying that Michael Jordan can’t be allowed to keep his career earnings just because he’s black.

    A very offensive comment.

  9. Emmet Gibney says:

    Hi everyone, no idea what the concept was that “Nazri” was referring to, had I known it was offensive I wouldn’t have approved the comment. Thanks for letting me know. On that note, please refrain from using aggressive language and curse words in your comments, we want to keep the atmosphere friendly in the comments. You are allowed to disagree, but no cursing. Thanks :)

  10. kiran says:

    i am the player coming in 5 years to defeat you and lin dan of china it is the challenge

  11. kiran says:

    but you are a god player i will agree and i am taking u as my inspiration

  12. Simon says:

    The match between Lee Chong Wei and Kenichi Tago was so desperately close.

    The 1st Game ended with Lee Chong Wei having a net cord, the 2nd with a wrong call made by the linesman.

    In the end Lee Chong Wei was the luckier player, not necessarily the better one on this day.

  13. Andy McD says:


    agree that LCW was lucky on that day. For the net cord in the first game, we could still probably argue that it was due to superb ‘skill’…

    but the wrong line call was really disappointing. it not only robbed Tago of a proper opportunity, it also robbed Lee of the opportunity for a truly glorious victory…

    the lines people did a great job the whole day, up until that point…

    he/she must have been too engrossed in the exciting match and didn’t the shuttle coming his/her way.

  14. malaysian says:

    simon & andy McD,

    i just wanna remind you that in badminton game, the moment linesman make his decision either the shuttle in or out will be judge by ref..if the ref agree the point is there. no matter even the shuttle is going out a mile away. if both of you still remember the controversy goal make by legend Argentina player Diego Maradona that using his hand is counted by ref even whole eyes in the world clearly see the ball hit his hand then goal.

    what im trying to say here, this thing is normally happend in subjective sports like badminton, doesn’t matter it is first or last point.

  15. Tom says:

    I totally agree with “malaysian”.

    Controversies will always be there in ANY sport. Whether it’s luck or pure genius..that sums up the main ingredient you need to be a true great champion.

    France are through the FIFA World Cup finals thanks to Henry handball assist? Micheal Schumacher is the 7 times World Champion by his own? Or Jensen Button is the only driver who has the fastest car when he won his first Driver’s World Championship last year? And Tiger Woods did his “Tiger Slam” because he was too good for other competitors?

    In short..great champions requires great talent, pure hard work and that little bit of luck to be on your side. To sum it all up, that was LCW on the night he won the 2010 All-England title. Call whatever you want, people can agree and disagree..but one thing for sure, history is made, a winner is produced. Well done LCW :-)

  16. Steven says:

    nice…proud of U^^ thx u by ur contribution to Malaysia ^^

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