Lin Dan Returns to Winning Form

The hosts last chance of success came in the Thomas Cup Semi Final against the favourites China, Lee Chong Wei would need to begin the charge against Lin Dan in the opening singles.

Japan vs. Indonesia

This afternoon’s matches saw an in form Taufik Hidayat demolish Kenichi Tago in the opening singles 21-9, 21-14 to give Indonesian an early advantage. The lead was doubled when Kido and Setiawan annihilated Hayakawa and Kazuno 21-9, 21-11 in just 22 minutes, putting Indonesia within a game of the Thomas Cup Final. Sho Sasaki halved the lead with a brave three-game victory over Simon Santoso, winning 21-19, 13-21, 21-11 to send the match to it’s 4th rubber. Indonesia completed their victory with 21-14, 22-20 win from Widianto and Chandra against Hirata and Endo to put them through to Sunday’s final.

China vs. Malaysia

The most anticipated match of the week was a Lin Dan – Lee Chong Wei matchup, would we get the Lin Dan who crashed out of the All England and Swiss Opens or the all-conquering Lin Dan who won the 2008 Olympics and 2009 All-England. The match in itself lasted 48 minutes, but from the outset there was only going to be one winner as Lin Dan returned to greatness with a 21-17, 21-8 victory over the world number 1. With Lee Chong Wei only taking one lead in the entire match, at 3-2 in the opening game. Cai and Fu carried on from Lin Dan’s opening victory with a 21-15, 21-10 with over Koo and Tan in 36 minutes to put China within one game of the final. Chen Jin booked China’s place in Sunday’s final after crushing Wong Choong Han 21-16, 21-7.

Day 6 Results

12 Responses to Thomas and Uber Cup 2010: Malaysia Beaten By China

  1. Simon says:

    What an incredible performance by Lin Dan!

    BTW: Taufik seems to be in good shape either. Lookin’ forward to the final on sunday… :-)

  2. Almighty says:

    Teams that worked extra hard wins. China was good in every area. Talents, Recognition and Awards cannot be bought. One has to work for it in order to respected all the time. Almighty always says, God will help those who help themselves. Underdogs like Japan, Denmark, India and Korea will be teams to watch out in the future. So beware.

  3. sarah says:

    taufik has the talent to win over LIN dAN. hopefully..miracle may happen

  4. Oxgen says:

    Minumlah air oksigen Sito… kan air bertaraf dunia. Apa nak buat?

  5. kit says:

    Arghh taufik beter win! i want to see lin dan LOSE!!!

  6. malaysia masih belum cukup kuat untuk fight china, malaysia perlu usaha lebih kuat dan pada masa yang sama perlu peka dengan perkembangan teknologi badminton dunia terutama perubahan corak permainan dan skill semasa.. jangan terlalu mengharap pada skill dan kemahiran yang sedia ada..

  7. AJ says:

    i hope china will win today…i want 2 see indo lose.

  8. Rudy Hartono says:

    Indonesia Thomas Cup holder – it’s about time !

  9. Christina Lim says:

    Haiz …. Whoever support taufik also lose can we chinese support china … shooooooooo …. bluek …..

  10. Cathal says:

    The Malaysian coaches and mgt MUST go. PERIOD. There is NO excuse for the loss. The team was not even prepared to give the Chinese a decent work out. The Malaysian players lack the physique (some of them looked so OVERweight or under nourished), stamina, technical ability. The coaches looked disinterested and BAM giving more excuses at the post match interviews. The team just do not have the will and compassion to compete at the highest level. What is the use of winning minor tournaments to be ranked No1. It is competing at the highest levels that counts.

  11. danlin101 says:

    the malaysian badminton team-MALAYSIA TAK BOLEH!!!it’s the worst and most dissapointed team selection in the entire history of malaysia thomas cup’s the coaches fault and how in the world they produce such an unprepared\awkward team.the coaches can go ‘tanam jagung’ or whatsoever.they’re of low level calibre.and hafiz..aah aiyo this guy is THE WORST OF THE WHOLE LOT.ask him go fly kites..lah.Like Dato Soh Chin Ann says in the TV ads “DO IT NOT SAY IT”.i agree with him.don’t you?

  12. Kachi says:

    lin dan win~!!!lin dan world no.2
    lee chong wei world no.1

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