Survey: Badminton Life Training Camps

On July 28, 2010, in Instructional, by Emmet Gibney

We frequently get requests from people to run Badminton Life Training Camps, so we decided we’d do a proper survey to see what the interest level is like.  Take the survey below and let us know what you think:

Badminton Life Training Camp Survey

If we have a positive response we will try to put something together for you.  Thanks for reading everyone!

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6 Responses to Survey: Badminton Life Training Camps

  1. Eddie Lee says:

    I would greatly interested in knowing what the costs would be to attend a badminton camp. And the dates & duration of the camps.



  2. Mel Wyatt says:

    Ambitious plan!
    Lethargy might mean it doesn’t happen, but if you do go ahead, I would be interested in a UK one.
    Why not decide on some tentative dates, countries and costs, and then recruit Badminton Life members in those countries to help seek out venues and promote the events? If the Badminton Life members can generate enough interest to make it worthwhile, then fixed dates and costs could be arranged.

  3. Sam says:

    I’m interested in the training camp. Let me know when you have it

  4. Sergei says:

    I come from Russia, and would be greatly interested in a badminton camp of 10-14 days somewhere in Europe.
    I already took a 11-day course in Malaysia but it is too humid and hot.
    Kindly let me know of your final decision.

  5. Wai says:

    very interested! somewhere in europe will do. germany would be even better :)

  6. Arthur Tay says:

    I lived in the Uk and would be interested if there is a training camp in the UK.

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