Welcome everyone to our first ever Skype video show. At this point we have no name for the show but leave a comment if you have any suggestions for a name, or if you have anything to add to our analysis.

We apologize for being a little late to do this as both these events have come and gone a while ago. In the future we plan to do this after every major event.

In this edition of the unnamed show we discuss Lee Chong Wei’s incredible performances at the first two Super Series events, Joachim Persson’s struggles to regain his form, and even a brief discussion of upcoming star Viktor Axelsen.

Part 1



Audio Version

6 Responses to Korea and Malaysia Super Series 2010 – Analysis

  1. Simon says:

    Wow, great video podcast! :-)

    Both finals were kinda boring! So it’s about time that Lin Dan comes back in full effect…

  2. Emmet Gibney says:

    Thanks Simon :) We are hoping to do this the day after all of the major BWF events. I’m also trying to get a big name player for an interview sometime in the next little while.

  3. edmund says:

    It seems that from now on Lin Dan only goes after the big ticket tournaments. Being selective on what he plays is a smart idea for a few reasons. It doesn’t wear him out so that his cereer will be longer. Other Chinese will have opportunities to grow stronger.

  4. Emmet Gibney says:

    Ya, definitely a smart move on Lin Dan’s part. It’s a big let down though for the tour when these top players decide not to play. I remember at Denmark Open this year there were a bunch of Chinese players (Lin Dan included if I remember correctly) that pulled out at the last moment, which was a real disappointment.

  5. Mel Wyatt says:

    For the Chinese team, I think it is the result that matters rather than the spectators: if pulling players out ensures they win the big ones, they will do it. It’s just disappointing for the fans, tournament directors and sponsors, who want to see the best fighting it out. I think it is a deliberate tactic with Lin Dan: considering Lee Chong Wei’s personality, the less chance he gets to play Lin Dan, the harder he will find it when the pressure is really on in the big events.

  6. Ibrahim Adamu says:

    Badminton Africa: we need to encourage more of African players.

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