One of the big topics of conversation these days in international badminton is the quick ascent of Danish junior superstar Viktor Axelsen. Seemingly coming out of nowhere in the Swedish International this past January, and becoming the first European to ever win a world junior singles title, Axelsen has our attention. I met up with Viktor on Skype to have a quick chat to find out some more about this young player.

Podcast Interview with Viktor Axelsen


4 Responses to Interview with World Junior Champion Viktor Axelsen

  1. Simon says:

    Thanks for the interview! :-)

    Victor seems to be a really nice guy…

    …but how the hell could a 16-year old dare to beat “the master” himself?! That’s an absolutely no-go!

    Peter, you owe us an explanation! ;-)

  2. Tibor says:

    It was a nice interview. One thing was missed, his trainer or trainers should have been mentioned. The title and the level of their pupil is a great achievement for them as well. A question about them should have been asked.

  3. Emmet Gibney says:

    Thanks Tibor, you’re right, that’s definitely something we should have asked. Next time we’ll give more time for our Facebook Fans to give us question ideas for the interviews we do. Cheers :)

  4. Erik says:

    Better preperation for questions would be ok.
    Sounds great for Denmark to have a worldchampion once again.
    Good luck to you Victor.

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