I was recently contacted by the people at the Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited looking for an international level coach. Perhaps some of our readers might be interested in this position. Below is the information for this job, as well as a link with information on how people can apply:


The Hong Kong Sports Institute Limited (“HKSIL”) is dedicated to provide an environment in which sports talent can be identified, nurtured and developed to pursue excellence in the international sporting arena. We are now inviting suitable candidates for the following vacancy:



The HKSIL works in close collaboration with the Hong Kong Badminton Association (“HKBA”) in achieving the jointly defined goals of elite training. Therefore, while reporting to the Chief Executive, the incumbent is also responsible to the HKBA to ensure the following duties are satisfactorily conducted:

  • To oversee the planning, design, implementation, evaluation, of the Badminton programme in line with the agreed training and competition aims of the HKBA and HKSIL;
  • To lead the Badminton Department, managing coaching and administrative staff, ensuring that it operates effectively, efficiently and within the annual financial budget;
  • To create systematic opportunities for talent to emerge through related programmes so that the development of Badminton is enhanced;
  • To ensure that all scientific, medical and other athlete support services are fully utilised and integrated into the Badminton programme to enhance elite training outcomes;
  • To contribute technical information to in-house and general media publications as requested;
  • To contribute to the enhancement of the professional image of the HKSIL;
  • To contribute towards the overall development of coach education programmes which contribute to the development of more and better local coaches; and
  • To motivate and train direct reporting coaches to become high quality international coaches.


  • Holder of a university degree or equivalent;
  • Holder of national level coaching certificates;
  • Over 10 years with a proven record of achievement in coaching Badminton at international level;
  • Substantial experience in leading programme planning and administration in Badminton. Knowledge in sports science and sports medicine and be able to bring their benefits to the coaching process;
  • Excellent interpersonal / analytical / evaluation / planning skills; and
  • High level of computer literacy.
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