Chetan Surprised by Kashyap

Bronze Medal day in Delhi had local interest as well as a rematch from the 2006 games, as an all-Indian Mens singles match topped the bill for the locals. Chetan Anand was the higher of the seeds, but it was fellow Indian Kashrup Parupalli who took bronze in the mens singles, with a 21-15, 21-18 victory in 39 minutes.

The women’s singles, was a rematch of the 2006 bronze medal match from Melbourne. However the result in 2010 was a reversal of four years previously as Liz Cann of England defeated Susan Egelstaff of Scotland in two games, with the Scot leading in both games but it unable to take a off Cann, who ended up winning 21-18, 21-16 in 36 minutes.

There was a guaranteed bronze in the men’s doubles for Singapore, as Sauptra and Wijaya defeated team-mates Triyachart and Wong in two games, winning 23-21, 21-12 in 29 minutes. Chayut Triyachart however, did come away with a bronze medal from the mixed doubles as him and partner Lei Yao defeated Malaysia’s Chan and Goh in a 51 minute, three game match which they won 21-14, 17-21, 21-17.

The fifth medal of the day went to Australia as He Tian Tang and Kate Wilson-Smith defeated England’s Gabrielle White and Jenny Wallwork in the women’s doubles bronze medal match. The longest match of the day was won by the Australians 21-23, 21-12, 21-16 in 64 minutes. However, Wallwork has already won at least silver in the mixed doubles when she takes to the court tomorrow.

3 Responses to Commonwealth Games 2010: Singapore Snatch Two Bronze Medals

  1. Mel Wyatt says:

    What a difference in Liz Cann from the team event! Normally, we are used to seeing her keeping the shuttle in play and waiting for opportunities to present themselves. To win the bronze she completely changed her game plan, and what a differnce it made!
    Wallwork and White, however, just seemed to loose their way: a normally bubbly and upbeat pair, they just seemed to loose self-belief in the final game, and I have never seen them looking so ‘flat’. Neither of them seemed to be able to snap out of it and help the other to re-focus, with the inevitable result.
    Great performance by Parupalli – really raised his game on home soil and played well throughout the event. It will be interesting to see if he pushes on and takes this form into the next few tournaments.

  2. Emmet Gibney says:

    Well deserved I must say, Liz is a great girl.

  3. Mel Wyatt says:

    Have watched her play several times, and she works so hard, but seemed to lack that ‘spark’ that you need to beat the better players – you have to have more than the ability to outlast your opponent (besides, that tactic doesn’t work with the superfit Asian lady players!).
    Hopefully, this is the start of Liz living up to her potential and becoming a real threat to the higher ranking players. I don’t know if it is Kenneth Jonassen or something Liz has worked on herself, but that self-belief that she CAN go out and take the game to the opponent was good to see.

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