The draws for the 2009 Yonex Sunrise World Championships have been released, and it’s odd to see that Lin Dan is only seeded 5th, in spite of the fact that he is the heavy favourite to win (in my opinion at least). It’s hard to argue against Lin Dan winning without involving personal bias. A lot of Lee Chong Wei fans have good reason to cheer for him, and to expect great things from him, but the reality remains that he has yet to win any of the big titles yet, for his sake hopefully this is the first for him.

The great Dane, Peter Gade is the third seed here, and no doubt at this stage in his career he is especially hungry for a world title. He will have to defeat Lin Dan in the quarter finals if he is to do so though. Also on the top half of the draw is Lee Chong Wei.

It’s hard to consider the top half of the draw “stacked” when the bottom half has Chen Jin and Taufik Hidayat, but certainly I would prefer to be in their position, than in Peter Gade’s. The draw looks very strong regardless. What is interesting about the Worlds though, is that the draw is 64, whereas all of the Super Series tournaments are 32, so in a way it’s not as intense.

To view the full draws, and see what’s going on in the other events click below:
Yonex Sunrise World Championship 2009 Draws

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