The draws for the Yonex All England Open Super Series 2009 have been released and all I can say is the Super Series events are DEEP! Seriously, so much depth. Even the qualifications are an incredible field of players. Both Carl Baxter and Rajiv Ouseph are in the qualifiers and they were the two finalists at this year’s English National Championships.

Most of the top players are in attendance this year. First seed is Lee Chong Wei and second seed is Lin Dan, all is well in the world, although I won’t be surprised if Lee Chong Wei is unseated as the world’s top player soon. What I would LOVE to see at this event is Taufik Hidayat win the title. This is the only big title that Taufik has yet to win, and you know what, he has not done much over the past few months, or even the last couple of years, but I am going to go out on a limb and predict that Taufik will win this event. I bet he has been putting some extra focus on this event, he knows how to peak for the big events, and this is it for his career now. Win this title and he can make a legitimate claim as one of the most accomplished players ever.

Peter Gade is of course a guy to watch out for as per usual, especially with strong performances lately. I will say though that every few years we see a sudden shift in the top players, and I don’t think that’s happened for a while. Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Peter Gade and Taufik have been the top guys for a while now, granted they have shifted around a bit, but certainly they are the names that really stick out when I think about men’s singles. I’m feeling like we’re going to start seeing some shifts soon, maybe here? Doubtful, but you never know ; )

Yonex All England Open Super Series 2009 Draws

5 Responses to Yonex All England Open Super Series 2009: Draws Released

  1. bullet aka bala says:

    dear commentators,especially who dont really like the progress of chong wei,for someone like chong wei will be unseated is rotten statement.he has been so consistant past 2 years now.he is proven the best and fittest player in the series now.i used to be malaysian national junior player in takes so much dedication and determination to be in his place where his is now.i would love to see taufik to come back since he dont have much years to go,but having lin dan and chong wei,taufik has to put more effort and commitment to fill his trophy cabinet with this all england tittle.well i wish all the players good luck.may the best player win this most prestige trophy.

  2. Emmet says:

    I like Lee Chong Wei, he is a great player, but I’d love to see Taufik get that one last big title before he retires : ) Lee Chong Wei will get his shot too ; )

  3. kalyan says:

    LEE CHONG WEI and TAUFIK HIDAYAT rocks ………..

  4. bibhanshu rupak says:

    why lee chong wei is not able to stop lin dan

  5. mlkhairi says:

    I want lee chong wei stay at this title till 2013

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