It’s very difficult to not be persuaded by the strong performances of Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei last week while making predictions for this week’s Swiss Open. Of course they are the favourites to make the finals, but we need to account for fatigue, these players played much more badminton than the rest of the players.

I will however make one startling prediction for this event, even if only for the entertainment value. I predict that England’s Andrew Smith will make it to the semi-finals of this event by defeating Sony Dwi Kuncoro (possibly by default as Sony withdrew last week), Simon Santoso and most importantly beating either Chen Jin or Bao Chunlai in the quarter-finals. This is an absolutely audacious prediction that requires 3 upsets, but I think he is up for the challenge.

Otherwise, my prediction is a repeat of last week’s All England finals with Lin Dan defeating Lee Chong Wei in the finals of the Swiss Open.

Wilson Swiss Open Super Series 2009 Draws

4 Responses to Wilson Swiss Open Super Series 2009: Predictions

  1. David says:

    My prediction is quite different from yours. I predict Weijie Gong will make his way into the semi-final against Lee Chong Wei. In doing so he will need to defeat Taufik tonite (quite a tall order but I think he can do it. I think he also has a good chance of winning the semi-final against Lee.

  2. lim says:

    i think it’s a rematch between ld and lcw in the final, and lcw will win it in a three sets game.

  3. Emmet says:

    Have you ever seen Jan O Jorgensen play? I haven’t seen him play yet.

  4. Kek Ai Xiang says:

    Chongwei will win!

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