Despite a noble effort on the part of one young Dane, the Swiss Open finals will feature none other than Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan, again. No big surprise here. These guys are the Nadal/Federer of badminton no doubt about it. Jan O Jorgensen had a fantastic tournament here, he played the role that I was expecting Andrew Smith to play by making a breakthrough. This will no doubt solidify him as the next Dane to look out for, and will do wonders for his confidence as well. He wasn’t enough for Lee Chong Wei however, Lee won the match 21-12, 20-22, 21-9.

On the other side of the draw Lin Dan knocked out his teammate Chen Jin 21-13, 21-14. Never know what the deal was there as anytime you have a China vs China match you can assume it will end up like a Williams sister duel, with a preordained result. Anyway, my money is on Lin Dan for this one. Of course that is the smart money, however with less pressure Lee Chong Wei could do quite well. It think that really is the difference between these two, Lin Dan handles the big matches better, even if perhaps Lee Chong Wei could be a little better otherwise.

Wilson Swiss Open Super Series 2009 Draws

One Response to Wilson Swiss Open Super Series 2009: Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan Showdown!

  1. Azzad says:

    Obviously Chong Wei has won. Please upload videos on to your website. I have been trying to find it everywhere.

    Malaysia Boleh!!

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