Lee Chong Wei Won! I know that a lot of Malaysian readers come here, so I’m sure that you’re all very proud of Lee Chong Wei. Lee won the finals 21-16, 21-16, and I’m not that surprised. Lee is the number one player in the world, but he still needs to beat Lin Dan in one of the big events like Worlds, Olympics, or All Englands.

The next big tournament, is the Yonex Sunrise India Open 2009, and the top two seeds are Lee Chong Wei and Taufik Hidayat.

7 Responses to Wilson Swiss Open Super Series 2009: Finals Results, Who Won??

  1. Little did Malaysians know that Lin Dan purposely lose the Final to Lee Chong Wei to remain as the World no. 2 player. This is the grand masterplan put forward by China. Heaven knows what they’re up to!?

  2. kojack says:

    woooohhooo…!!! chong wei’s the best..!

  3. yon says:

    yes!Finally Lee Chong Wei win Lin Dan

  4. carmen says:

    where can i found the final match video?

  5. Duke on Sports says:

    I strongly agree with you!!!
    Li Dan is better than chong wei, always.

  6. kj says:

    Technically i don’t know but psychologically, CW is ways ways down…

    I think CW never have the mind that he can overcome LinDan. Self believing is something very critical in sport championship.

    You may see that in All Eng 2009, CW doesn’t have the fighting spirit at all….

  7. zulkflee says:

    iwant to video clip show-man single finally (Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan)swiss super series 2009

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