What Level of Badminton Player Are You?

On April 23, 2009, in Instructional, by Emmet Gibney

The game has changed so many times for me over the years. It’s so much different for me now, than it was when I was a kid. As you progress you see things differently, and in many ways you get more from the game.

Playing at a recreational level is fun for a lot of people. You get to go out and have a hit with some friends, nothing too intense, but it’s good fun.

Then there are the players at the competitive level. You go to tournaments locally, but you never really go anywhere outside of your hometown for badminton. You like to compete, but you’re not really all that serious about it.

Next you have the high level competitive players. You go to tournaments locally, but you also play tournaments within your region and country. Likely you’re a junior player, but that’s not always the case. You have an interest in improving your game, but you’re not quite a national level player. Seeing improvements in your game, and beating people you couldn’t before really inspires you to work even harder.

What if you’re a national level player you’re like me. I have played all over the country, and have even played a few tournaments internationally, not to mention covering badminton tournaments I have seen the biggest of the big. You probably aspire to making it to these big events one day, and playing for your country.

Finally you have the international level players. These are varied as well, with the top players from your respective countries, all the way up to the best in the world. Getting to this level you’ll get so much more from the sport than anyone else does. That’s the thing with this sport, the better you get, the more enjoyment you can pull from the game. Of course there are highs and lows, but there is a reason why people keep going, because they love it.

What type of player are you? What do you aspire to? Leave a message in the comments to let us know.


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  1. JayJ says:

    Im 16 and i just started playing, a bit less than a year ago. I try to attend as many club nights as possible but i dont get any real training, so im still really just a beginner but with aspirations (: and in need of as many tips as possible

  2. Allyson Vu says:

    At first I started out as a recreational player during my high school years. during my junior and senior year in high school, I played as varsity mix and doubles. I had no intention of being a competitive player until I saw myself improving.

    I met a friend in college who was also a badminton player, a junior national. He told me he started at the same time I started badminton (I was a freshmen in high school while he was a freshmen in college). After training, he went to compete local tournaments with the top dogs.

    his story inspired me to improve even more. I’m planning on taking classes during my summer vacation, since I NEVER have training before… Not once. Nada. I improved by watching games and practicing at my own pace. But now I want to play along side with the top players. To do that, I’m going to push myself to work harder. I respect all the badminton players out there. Keep on going! <3

  3. Sarang says:

    I am a competitive player. Had played at state level in my college days and has represented my university at the time of graduation.
    But now I only play corporate tournaments as I am not into serious practice due to work and family reasons.
    Recently I won the inter IT corporate tournament.
    But I have a huge fear facing good players.
    I surely want to and love to improve my game and take it to higher level.

  4. Robert Harrison says:

    Hi all,
    I’m relatively new compared to others it seems, I play with great friends in Sydney Australia at two clubs. I love the game and find it suits me like a fish to water.

    I’m an average player given the level of experience, but working at improving technique and speed. I love the competitiveness and internal effort, the quick thinking, strategy required and speed of the game.

    I am undertaking coaching with a great coach and have improved greatly since starting. I train every day for 1-2 hours, on technique and speed. Health reasons started me off and healthy reasons will keep me going for many years to come I hope.

    I would love to start competing locally soon and further if my skills permit.

  5. Burn says:

    i am playing for 3 years now but my problem is in my club i have no one to compete any more so it is a bit boring for me … on the one side i want to play vs better players on the other side i dont want to leave the mates -.-
    hmm i think in a few time the point that i want to play vs better players will prevail :D because i want to get better

  6. Chotu says:

    I used to play for fun but I started playing seriously later. Its been 3 months now that i got regularly 6 days a week. I’m looking to improve my game so I can compete.

  7. Ed says:

    I’m 42 and started playing about 6 years ago. Took a few training sessions (half drills, half technique), and enjoy myself in the lower regions of the competition. Though I play better MD and MX, I really like singles too, but whatever the discipline I struggle to keep my nerves under control. My general fitness has improved a lot since those training sessions, and I still work on them.
    I think this site has tremendous potential, and I really look forward to read interesting stuff. Good work guy’s !

  8. Zaini says:

    Hi there, I am Zaini 45 year old from Malaysia. I played badminton since my age 16 year old…some says recreation badminton…it’s it the only game i know and enjoy. I feel my age is growing up but my skillls is still the same as is. To joint and have a good training i think is too late so i order this DVD to improve my game with my self training. Beside that I’d played many matches
    and gradely i became better but i need more to win more matches. Hopefully with this DVD Trainer i will learn more to become always win in any match. by the way i still more wins than losses.

  9. Ankit Shrivastava says:

    I am state and national level player

  10. Jeffrey Dsouza says:

    I’m 50+ and started playing about 6 years ago. Took a few training sessions (half drills, half technique), and enjoy myself in the lower regions of the competition. My general fitness has improved a lot since those training sessions, and I still work on them.I think this site has tremendous potential, and I really look forward to read interesting stuff. Would like to have drills in exercise especially before and after playing Badminton. Would like to get my excess fat out of my tummy.

  11. Osaze says:

    Hi I’m Osaze and I’m 14 years old and I started to play for about a year now and i have progressed soo much that I’ve been asked to tryout for my country’s team(Jamaica) to playa t the Pan American Games but they havent told my group we made it or not. Hopefully i get on the team but i know i will anyways, and i want to play at the games which will be in Jamaica this year so yeah.

  12. Subramanian says:

    I am 50 started 4 years ago. Played Ball Badminton before when I was in my teens and that helped me picking up fast. However, started off wrong and came a long way. I play solid defense and offense. I need to work on my footwork and looking forward to getting that with the help of this site.

  13. Mon Claire says:

    I discovered Badminton too late but I have no regret,I am 54 now and I continue to play in my country.I played in all level in my country and my best memory was when we got the runner-up in the Men double championship few years ago;I was the man to blame because I played three finals in one day and the last was finished by an injury.We didn’t gave up this day,we finished the game but we were beaten by 2 sets to 1 in a tiny score.
    After that i followed badminton training as an umpire and i have the lucky destiny to be the umpire of the Ladies Double Final in the Indian Ocean Games 2003 in Mauritius.
    I played also in a lower level in Portugal,Malaysia in 1999 (World Airlines Badminton Championship).
    I followed a training session as a coach on June this year,it was given by a french Guillaume GAILLY ;this was given by The Olympic Solidarity.
    I was also the runner-up in our national championship 2010 in the second level and our law tell that I MUST play in the National level this year.(Ilost the title due to an injury again!!!!!)
    Besides,I am the leader of a Badminton club in my quarter and give training to biginners in a school in this city.
    Now our National team is preparing the next Indian Ocean Island games in Seychelles on August and there are five ladies from my club in this team on the seven.Even we have no real Badminton courts.
    I tell you that because I LIKE THIS GAME and I want to developp it in my country.We gather vidéos from everywhere to sustain our game and to get moer experience from other;the matter is that we couldn’t find equipment in our country and they are too expensive if we could get some.
    That is the reason that I suscribe here to get more for the badminton for my country.

  14. jaffer sayed ebrahim says:

    im an inter. player from bahrain playing national and international tournamet

  15. RK says:

    I am a amature player and enjoy playing and winning games after games
    I always look for improvements in my game and put in extra efforts to learn a different stroke

  16. diana sartika says:

    i’m going 30 by the end of this year. years ago when i was about 8 or 9 i really wanted to play badminton seriously, getting into the right club and so forth. but the circumstance didn’t support me at that time. so it’s been left to be a recreational game for me. until now, at 30, with my sister we used to play in the driveway in front of our house like kids do. it’s nevertheless always greatly fun :)

    by the way, Emmet, i’m a big fan of kamilla rytter juhl. so please tell her that she has a great fan faraway in west sumatera, indonesia. thank you :)

  17. Julie Qu says:

    the competitive level,i think.i have played badminton for 5-6 years since i gratuated from college,i once was a journalist worked for a chinese badminton magazine,and i played 1-2 times a week in my club,of course the club near the area where i live,and i compete just with the person in my club ,for fun and improving my skills

  18. Vincent Su says:

    I am 50 this year and was recreational level player about 25 years ago. I picked up my racket 11 months ago and worked out hard trying to lose couple pounds of fat in the badminton court.
    I have to admit that i was so naive to think i can still do all the movement and wavings like i could , and the result is i hurt my knees , twisted my ankle, and sore mucles all over my body.
    I haven’t been to any tournament yet and haven’t had any intention yet.
    Badminton is really something, it hurts you but also at the same time it attracks you to come nearer each time to find out your limit.
    it is no more a way of recreation to me now but rather an inside conmmnication to my old flesh and bones. I like it and will still crawl toward the court to find out how far i can go.

  19. Jumon Khan says:

    I am a player who left Badminton 9 years ago,but now i am practicing again.Everyday i practice more than 3 hours in court from last month and of course 2 hours exercise.Because i know that i won’t be able to a good player without exercise.Hope you can give me some important tips how i can be a better player.
    My footwork is good but not smooth said by my coach,i am working on that.I can make very good drop shot and clear shot but i can’t make good smash.So how can i improve this thing.

    please let me know as soon as possible.

  20. devanshu tenguriy says:

    i am a very good badmintone player. i defeated my frnd and my school sports teacher by 6/3 6./2

  21. wayne says:

    I started playing badminton 32 years ago, of an on i miss about 4 years while moving from state to state. however I am now 50 and enjoy playing in tournaments, my goal is to learn as much as i can, so that i can pass on what i have learned, to the younger ones that are interested in learning the game of badminton. I will say my level is very competitive.

  22. Ethan says:

    I am a 15 year old badminton player and i have only been training seriously now for almost a year now. While i admit i have gotten a pretty late start, i have improved voraciously over the past year. Even my coach admitted to me at my country’s junior nationals this year that he thought that my skill level was above average to the players there. I still battle bouts of insecurity and lack of confidence when i play, and so i have trouble sometimes at higher level tournaments to do well. My ultimate ambition would be to become a world class badminton player, and i am dedicated to work really hard onto reaching that goal. It still seems a little overwhelming though, i sometimes wonder if i will ever catch up to the top level juniors in my country, some who have been playing since they were little kids. But i will try hard to accomplish my goals anyway.

  23. Sanjay Dowerah says:

    I used to play for my college. Now I play for recreation but want to keep improving the game for my self satisfaction and for the love of this game.

  24. Arufuio Den says:

    Best in the world!

  25. mohd hafizuddin says:

    I’m not sure what my level actually,but…..what i am sure is,I’m not a professional player ….I’m never have a professional trainee,i learn badminton from video and also friend. i hope you can help improve my badminton skill….
    level beginner

  26. chpang says:

    I started playing badminton before my teens. Now I am 52 and just picked up the game after leaving it for 20 years. I am looking to re-learn my skills and what trying to improve on my strategy and stokes.

  27. constantinescu george says:

    I was Romanian champion and balkanic champion…I think I went international level…

  28. Lon says:

    I’m 22 years old and I’ve played badminton since I was a child but just at recreational level, cuz no one in my family or my friends wants to take serious competiton in the game. However, I like to compete so I’ve just taken serious training for 2 months. Now it’s a little bit difficult for me to change my routine of movement >_<!!! but I'm trying very hard and it's getting better.
    I know my limits but I've been trying very hard and seriously cuz I want to improve my skills and I LOVE this game ^_^.
    I hope that in the near future I'll be able to play some local tournaments.

  29. Abhijit says:

    I am a High level competitive player. Had played at state level in my School & college days and has represented my university at the time of graduation.

    Now I play corporate tournaments as wll as competative Tournaments.

    I surely want to and love to improve my game and take it to higher level.

  30. sorefoot says:

    Well, I started picking up badminton seriously when I was 16. I kind of fancy sports that involve a racket, such as badminton, tennis and squash. I remember getting a flimsy plastic racket and a nylon birdie for my birthday when I was 4. I always begged my mother to throw the birdie for me to hit it. My mom was a badminton player herself and she played in local tournaments before until she had to give up to look after me, my sis and my couch potato of a father. She noticed my interest in badminton but sadly she couldn’t get a proper coach for me nor teaching me herself due to arthritis. I ended up practicing MA instead. Until I was 16, I picked up badminton after watching my mother snapped back into her old self when her badminton partners asked her out for a showdown. Finally, I got myself a coach and from that day onwards, my skills started to improve at an amazing rate. Till this day, I competed in a few friendly matches. Though I always aim for the real deal, I keep reminding myself to practice even harder before competing in the next level. Badminton is indeed an amazing sport and nobody is too old or too young to play it.

  31. Bettina says:

    I am 53 and picked up the game again recently after an absence of over 25 years. With the categories given above, I suppose you could say I was a ‘high level competitor’ before, and although not playing ‘nationally’, I played in tournaments ‘regionally’. Now, after having 2 kids and a hectic life … it feels great to HIT something again! heehee! I have really missed the sport. Some of the rules have changed a little, but most everything else I recall. Now, having put on pounds from my earlier days, I’m looking to lose them .. and hopefully regain at least most of my abilities and competitive edge from before (whatever’s realistic after such a long absense and at my age). Having arthritis now in both knees, and often Bursitis in left hip, it’s a bit more difficult than before … but will crawl on court if I have to and/or compensate on shots. Right now am playing 3 times/week for 2 hours ea. and opening myself up to whatever new knowledge I can gain at present to get back into things and improve.

  32. Thomas Salzer says:

    I am a 56 year old male that has started back into badminton after a 30 year absence. I played at the college level many years ago but I consider myself a recreational player hoping to regain some of my previous skills. The reason I went back to badminton was to lose weight, improve my fitness, and meet new people. I would like to improve my skills to the best of my abilities and see where that takes me, which might mean remaining at the recreational level.

  33. Rob says:

    I am the father of two young badminton players in the UK. My son aged 14 plays for the county and my daughter aged 16 plays for England. I am using the Badminton Life site and products (which are really great by the way) to try to help them both improve their performances and their results.

  34. Arun says:

    Badminton is in my bones! Played since I was a 16 yr. old college level top tennis player. Traded out tennis for Badminton, but still enjoy some tennis on occasion. I’ve since played at state level and have a multi dimensional understanding and skill ability.
    If I could flip a switch and eradicate inferior equipment sold on the market even today, I would.Seriously, the ones who want to play recreationally will have infinitely more and better fun and exercise and maybe even get excited enough to play competitively.
    Anyway, the way I see it, education and exposure to quality Badminton will pull these unfortunate players out of the doldrums.
    Ignorance truly must be bliss! Good Luck! I passionately love this invaluable SPORT. It’s not just a game. You can make a game out of a sport by toning it down, but try making a sport out of a game. Not so easy my friends. Gotta love Badminton!

  35. Siddharath Jetlie says:

    I am 40 years old and a recreational player. I am the father of two young kids My son aged 7 years and my daughter aged 12 years have started playing Badminton and wish to buy both the DVD courses in near future.

  36. Hansam says:

    I’m of 15 now going to turn 16 I started playing Badminton when I was of 14 just around 11 months ago I represented Delhi in the tournaments and represented ma country India in Japan for the first time in a Badminton Tournament held BWF now I migrated to USA so I’ll try my best and one day I’ll even USA

  37. Arun says:

    I’ve been playing Badminton for 45 yrs. now. College and state level in my younger yrs. and my skills are still very much there. I passionately love this sport and would like to make that distinction for the benefit of those in the dark about the fact that the outdoor version, is the game. Indoors with better equipment and close to ideal conditions is the true sport that’s been in the Olympics for many years now. Here in the U.S. there seems to be a serious lack of true
    understanding of the facts.
    I attribute that in part to the inferior equipment sold to cater to that backyard recreational player. Even the top sporting goods stores. Come on, even the shuttlecock, cheap red tipped misshaped junk has zero flight and trajectory. Please people wake up!

  38. Donard Pranzo says:

    Active player at the local (New York City) level many years ago, like forty-seven. Presently
    (last six years) coaching a mixed gender high school team in a competitive high school league on Long Island(NY).

    I sent for Peter Rasmussen’s instructional DVD and found it absolutely wonderful in every way. At our level, it’s the “little things that mean a lot.” I can hardly wait for practice to begin in March so that I can expose the players to it. Great technical camera work (slow motion repetitions) + his suggestions and explanations are just what I needed.

    We have been exposed to Asian (mostly Chinese) players of quality in New York City but we’re 60 miles distant (LONG Island!) and my players cannot easily attend. Buy Rasmussen’s DVD. You won’t regret it.

  39. Rounak Roy Choudhury says:

    I’m of 15 now going to turn 16. I started playing Badminton when I was of 14.I am a medium level Junior competitive player and go to tournaments locally, but I also play tournaments within my state. I want to improvements in my game. Please help me I assure you within 1 year I shall be champion in my region.

  40. range says:

    I just started playing the game a month ago and from the moment I started it i know i love it maybe because I’ve been a having a problem losing some weight and after my friends introduce it helped me a lot, that what started it then I’ve seen plays on you tube and live coverage that excited me to learn more, i like to advance my game but its very hard due to the nature of my work, I’m in the army, but it will not stop me, i’ll always see to it that during vacation i always find time to practice, may it recreational or to advance my game, hope you can help me with this one, thanks.

  41. Dave says:

    I am a level 2 registered Badminton England coach and am keen to understand all the different techniques in depth for my coaching to achieve the best shot production, movement, tactics etc. There will always be different slants on the same subject, but all material is useful and especially from a top player. Much of my work is with juniors. Very pleased with information so far (using some this evening!).

  42. Doctor. says:

    hi every one…i am 21…and i am also a medical student doing MBBS(bacholer of medicine and bacholer of surgery)
    but Really i am crazy for badminton…i want to be an International player………
    i am playing badminton from last 1 year…..but still not very good…..
    any one would like to tell me please how i can improve my badminton???
    how i can be an international player????
    how many hours i have to play every day???

  43. Kong says:

    Hi, I’m a baby boomer, and have played badminton for years but only socially. Now play one to two times a week. Just last few months have started viewing lots of badminton coaching materials and super series tournaments on youtube. Checking out news of the top elite badminton players and their results. Doing what fans are doing, ie following their sporting heros. My goal is to keep improving my games and I find by doing the above actually broaden my badminton sense.

  44. Arun says:

    To the Doctor and Kong,
    You both have the obvious essential ingredient…the enthusiasm, and you sound excited. Keep up the frequent practice sessions, with focus on one thing. Play the dimensions of the whole court rather than to the other person.Remember I’m not talking trick shots.
    It all depends on your stamina and ability to do a variety of strokes well. We can all mentally visualize what to do, but to actually be able to execute the shots is a whole different thing.
    Again fundamentally, you need to develop a good sound game.Without going into a lengthy dissertation, you need to realize the importance of hitting as many shots above the net level. To do this you have to anticipate early,and move into the shot early. Note also that the net is 5′ 1″ on end and 5′ on center. This would mean that it is favourable to hit as many shots racket up than racket down. Keep working on these sound basics, and I’d like to hear how your game is coming along.
    Good luck to you both and all Badminton addicts!
    Go Badminton! ~Arun

  45. SIVAN says:


  46. Nishant Kumar Ram says:

    i am 15 years old . i am not getting support from any where ,i have no coach . i have payed national’s tournament 5 times . but never won any of them . i always lost in 1st or 2nd round .

    i get depressed quickly what should i do . my father never give interest in my game .only just because he will have to spend money on my game as we know badminton is a very costly game .
    what shoud i do ?

  47. Shirley says:

    Well some 20 or so years ago, I was highly competitive and travelled around England with the University team to compete. This was in the days of the infamous Morten Frost and Darren Hall, who I idolized!!!. Without support from family however, I left the field for 20 years and have just entered back in at local club level. I’m trying to resist the temptation to get back into competing, and for now am enjoying playing whenever I can. The only trouble is that it’s not so popular here in Canada, especially as I live in a rural part. I’ve been playing now for a couple of months, getting to grips with the new scoring system and starting to get back into my stride! I can sense already that I’m hungry for more, so maybe in a year or so you may see me competing in a Masters event somewhere! I would like to get involved as a coach, perhaps take some certifications, and inspire kids to take badminton up. Perhaps I will live my dreams through them!

  48. Arun says:

    Nice story Shirley. I feel your pain/frustration,but being a true competitive badminton player as you are, I’m confident you’ll find a way to live out your dreams.Such is the fabric we’re made of.
    Take it one step at a time and set clear goals. I am in a similar situation in the southwestern U.S. and focusing on coaching and still keeping my game up to par. It’ll work….I’m going to make sure it does.
    Nothing can put out the Badminton fire!
    All the best in your endeavors! ~Arun

  49. Shaik abdullah says:

    I want to be play for our country this is my life time achievement

  50. Gangadhar says:

    hi this is gangadhar. i find some of interesting things on ur web site.

    and im playing badminton from the age of 12 due to studies and finacial probs i stopped playing badminton later i started playing @ 4th year of my b.arch.. and now i use to play daily
    because i love the game very much that i can play it continously for 3 hrs

    if any one saying abt it r talking abt it loved to listen and use to give advices for ppl weaker in the play..

    on averagre im a good player. i had dream that i need to play the badminton tournaments (at least once in a life time)… :)

    im that much passionate to the game….and use to love it…..

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