What Level of Badminton Player Are You?

On April 23, 2009, in Instructional, by Emmet Gibney

The game has changed so many times for me over the years. It’s so much different for me now, than it was when I was a kid. As you progress you see things differently, and in many ways you get more from the game.

Playing at a recreational level is fun for a lot of people. You get to go out and have a hit with some friends, nothing too intense, but it’s good fun.

Then there are the players at the competitive level. You go to tournaments locally, but you never really go anywhere outside of your hometown for badminton. You like to compete, but you’re not really all that serious about it.

Next you have the high level competitive players. You go to tournaments locally, but you also play tournaments within your region and country. Likely you’re a junior player, but that’s not always the case. You have an interest in improving your game, but you’re not quite a national level player. Seeing improvements in your game, and beating people you couldn’t before really inspires you to work even harder.

What if you’re a national level player you’re like me. I have played all over the country, and have even played a few tournaments internationally, not to mention covering badminton tournaments I have seen the biggest of the big. You probably aspire to making it to these big events one day, and playing for your country.

Finally you have the international level players. These are varied as well, with the top players from your respective countries, all the way up to the best in the world. Getting to this level you’ll get so much more from the sport than anyone else does. That’s the thing with this sport, the better you get, the more enjoyment you can pull from the game. Of course there are highs and lows, but there is a reason why people keep going, because they love it.

What type of player are you? What do you aspire to? Leave a message in the comments to let us know.


217 Responses to What Level of Badminton Player Are You?

  1. cybershuttle says:

    I am from the south coast of England, 39 years old and would consider myself an improver player. I have been playing about 6 years. Last year I went to the All England for the first time and got inspired. I started having some coaching and have seen some nice improvements in my game. It has been a struggle fighting against the old habits I had built up previously. For one thing, changing the pan handle grip I always used on overheads to the proper grip! Not to mention trying to get the wrist action right and keeping the whole thing relaxed! But it wouldn’t be so much fun it was easy. For the first 5 years I played with pretty much the same people but I have in the last year or so been seeking out new places and different players to play which has been great. I have been fortunate enough to meet some really nice people. This is great website keep up the good work. Peter’s instructional DvD is excellent!

  2. Fergal says:

    Hmm… after reading your piece, I have to say i am probably a high-level competitive player. I love going to play in competitions and doing well, but the big thing is i really like playing the game!
    I admit I am competitive and always want to win but that doesn’t mean I take losing badly. In fact to be honest I’d enjoy playing in a club where everyone was better than me!

  3. AJ says:

    I’m 18 and i could catogerize me into competitive group. I wanted to join tournaments and maybe as the national player in the future. I could inspired myself to improve when i could beat better player and got improvement.
    Hope to find a person who can guide me through this and achieve my ambition.

  4. Nipun Nayyar says:

    I have been captain of my college badminton team.
    I have been to college and university level tournaments but never made up to nationals or international level.

  5. piyush jain says:

    i am a badminton player…..represented my district….and want to attain great heights in badminton

  6. Muhammad Shahizzat says:

    im a 16 years old ordinary player. suddenly i want to make badminton as my life career but its been so hard to use many facilities like badminton court and i have no guide at all. and the school’s badminton club does not always let us train in the court with an excuse like a teacher must accompany you. and i hope i want to make a further progress until one day i can defeat many great players in new generation

  7. Cecilia says:

    I think I am, junior high level competition player, just not one the best, yet ;)

  8. mathieu huber says:

    i dont really what kind of player i am but id have to say pretty competitive, aggressive type of player, i got a tournament in 2 months time so ill see how ill go and then might try the state team

    Im in australia by the way with nick kidd as coach

  9. Nathan says:

    I am a competetive player but want to get into the higher competetive level but am not good enough yet.

  10. Stephen says:

    I’m a competitive player, playing locally in county level doubles competitions and enjoying it. I’m 43, only had a little coaching so learning about how to do the shots and footwaor is very useful to me. I guess I’d also like to learn how to defend the smash in doubles as it seems a little different from that in singles in terms of angles.

    I love the DVD by the way!

  11. Agnes Yabut says:

    Hi, im agnes from the philippines. im in my mid fifties, and im a recreational player occasionally joining local tournaments! i enjoy the game so much that i play 4-5 times a week in manila. im now here in hongkong, and i get to play twice a week!i used to play tennis before but badminton is so much more fun- i love fast sports!

  12. Richard says:

    I have been playing badminton for about a year, I started getting lesson eight months ago, after my daughter’s boy friend,(and a good friend of mine), said, “You I will never beat me, I’m young, and you are old”. I am 54, he is 25. When we last played I almost did; we will hit this weekend, and with the help from the new shot I learned from the video, he’ll be handing over his saber, (racket).
    I have played in three tournaments, one had “A+” players, I played the “C” level, I lost each game I played, but walked away feeling like a Champion, none of the other “E” players from my club would play it, (they were scared).

  13. JWLee says:

    I’m a social player who is very interested in badminton and wish to excel in the game. I was injured with a smashed collar bone and a few ribs back in 1993. For 6 years dormant and then started playing again. Now retired but the desire is still there.

    What advice or encouragement?


  14. Arunkumar says:

    I from Coimbatore in India. I did represent my state, Tamilnadu when I was younger – 13 years till 24 years; sub-juniors, juniors and seniors (open). Then I had an accident that still has an effect – my eyesight has issues.
    I still play at a club, primarily because I love the game.

    I have also coached a few youngsters (purely from my interest with no commercial returns.)

    I love watching, reading, discussing and of course playing, badminton.

  15. Patrick says:

    I’m a recreational player. I started playing badminton on my 15th birthday. Then some years not and since 7 years I’m playing again. I never got any training, just looked how others played the game and did it for myself. I wanted to know more about technic and the video’s can quit help me with that. My daughter from 9 is playing too for nearly a year now. She wants to become a competitive player (local) and is training for that now. She loves the sport too. I’m sure that she’s gonna be better than me, but I have to compete with her as long as possible :-)

  16. danlin101 says:

    i’m not in any level.just played badminton ‘cos love to play and interest in the game.i started playing when i was 9 y/o and now i’m 50.so now on and off i just play socially among my friends.now i want to train my daughter(13 y/o) to play for the national and international level.she is very interested in badminton and i hope she can pick up the game and excel in it in the near future.hope to hear your opinion and advice.thank you.

  17. Deen Muhammad says:

    Hi,, I am a competitive player , playing from last 4 years,, i have no any coach i have learn this game myself just watching the seniors playing around ,, but now i am able to defeat them, I played a tournament on university level but didn’t perform well because there is feather shattles and i played all the time on Yonex Plastic Shattles ,, so i was not able to play my natural game,, now i want your help how can i improve my game on both type of shattles.

  18. Adib says:

    I was a competitive player in my town since I was 10,after an injury and fail in a competition I gave it bye
    Now I’m 20 and a university student,few month ago started playin again then made a strong decision to progress till be a pro player,I’m serious and practice daily to achieve my Ideal…

  19. matthew mundroina says:

    I am a county player, take part in various tournaments here i England etc. Hope to become better and play in national tournaments but thats a long way off.

  20. manoj says:

    am in the competitive level….aspirin 2 get 2 the next level ……

  21. Anupam Nanda says:

    I wud rate myself into the “high level competitive players” Category …

  22. Michael says:

    I am in my late 20′s (almost getting on!), mainly play doubles and only got into Badminton 3 years ago. I’m really keen to improve in terms of tactics/strategy and doing drills. I’ve only been playing for a club for the last year and am about to enter the local lower leagues as a 2nd team player. My enthusiasm far exceeds my ability (at the moment!) but I am hoping to get better quickly and move up into the 1st team in the higher divisions. I would really like to see some coaching drills and tips regarding strategy on the site :)

  23. CSV says:

    I think I can be categorized competitive, aspiring to reach the international level. However, I am already 35 & in a country that does not have opportunity of local tournaments.
    I am very motivated to reach the highest level, but not sure of the age factor ! I am very fit physically, in fact fitter than I was 10 years back & am at it to reach supreme levels.
    It is very motivating to see some of the training/conditioning articles & I have already incorporated quite a few. My mindshare is also quite high.

  24. caknurcholis says:

    I just played in my university tournament and the other local tournament in my current city. I don’t expect to be pro player bcoz age restriction but I’m still serious and practice daily to get better …..

  25. tony says:

    recreational player however i am planning to throw an annual tourney in my hometown to benefit the firehouse… september 2010 in circleville, NY 10919

  26. ash says:

    i started played badminton since i 12 ..but i had join club badminton in last year but not this year..i had represent my school and i keep playing badminton every week.with no coach.i hope i can be like lee chong wei or peter rasmussen mybe..

  27. Fred says:

    Am a recreational level player and would very much want to improve my game. Emmet if you could have come up with a training program that would be great. A training program for beginners, intermediates and advanced players. How to warm up, shadow pratice for like 15mins, etc etc

  28. Lucas says:

    Just graduated high school and played competitively all four years, but I’d probably describe myself as recreational. I don’t have the time or the opportunity in my area to get serious about the sport, but I’ve loved playing in high school and plan to continue to play somehow as an adult.

  29. Choong Hon Sooi says:

    Dear Sir
    I started to play at the age of 19 seriously for 3 years then play on until I am 57 now, I learn as I play and see others play but did not have any particular training, no footwork or shadow technique, just learn and improve as I play along. I have played for a NZ club for a few years in interclub tournament
    no other competative games

  30. Natalie says:

    I don’t quite know where I fit to be honest, I played locally and entered plenty of competitions at home, but now I’ve come to uni and play for the team; which means that we pretty much go all around the country to play other uni’s! :)

  31. bokie says:

    what are the kinds of the tournament of badminton ?? and can you give what is it mean? please. thank you

  32. M.MOHIT(INDIA) says:

    i am a national level badminton player and i am trying for tyhe international level; . now i am in pullela gopichand academy i am going to malaysia for training and i am 13 years old…

  33. M.MOHIT(INDIA) says:

    hope i will be top player in next generations…

  34. kamna bisht says:

    im kamna bisht from delhi studying in arwachin school im a zonal level player im totally mad about my badminton. so wish me good luck foe my ambition.im in class 6th but totally crazy about my ambition.

  35. Kathy Fong says:

    I am just a average player who wants to do a bit better so I can really enjoy my game.

  36. Hari says:

    i have attened more match but i couldnt won the match.
    i am losting the stamina in quater finals itself.
    for increasing stamina what i have to do.

  37. pedro campos mattos says:

    I’m a veteran Portuguese 52 year old Physical Education instructor, good recreational badminton player (for the fun of it), who thinks about competing the national level. My regular basis of training is 2 times a week.
    I have been coaching young school players (10-15 y. old) for the last six years and, as the results are excellent, I’m also thinking about making them compete national level (outside the school).
    Is well known that individual technique and tactics are so fundamental in this sport. However, aside from instructional videos, we need advices, tips or drills on how to: better ‘read’ the game ; what shot to choose in each moment ; increase smash power ; be aggressive ; be deceptive ; when to introduce the backhand clear or the smash jump ; shadow practice when… These are the questions we all would like to ask, for ourselves and for the kids.
    Congratulations for creating this fraternal site for badminton-lovers all over the world.

  38. alireza says:

    I play badminton for 6 years.I am from Iran and love badminton so much. I won ten gold medal in Isfahan competition(My city)and tow boronz medal in my country matches.I am about 20.

  39. Cham Chen says:

    Im a junior :] played for nearly 4 years. Australasia U15 2009 Men’s Singles champion, Mixed Doubles Champion, Mens doubles runner-up…I think i’m around A- Open grade.

  40. Colin says:

    I have been a competitive player over the years and now play social / semi competitive at masters level. I now have a highly competitive daughter playing and has been for 3 years at Under 15 years national level. This is where my experience comes in helping her to train better.

  41. Gaipai says:

    I started playing badminton on and off at a recreational level back at home in Thailand for about 15 years. I didn’t have a proper coaching but got some tips from friends and people around.

    6 years ago I moved to Miami and fortunately have more time to play badminton again. The more I played the more I enjoyed the game and I simply wanted to be better. Nearly two year ago, I decided to get a physical training and badminton coaching. I am very happy with my improvement. I now play in locally tournaments and sometimes in national senior tournaments. I am 44 years old. I know I will never be an A International player but maybe an A+ senior player.

  42. Tom says:

    I am at a national level with my badminton I have been playing for 2 years and already competed in the U13 Nationals in England

  43. Avgi says:

    According to your definition, I am a high level competitive player:) Thank u for that, it makes me feel very important:)
    However, in my country (Greece) badminton level is very (very) low.
    My interest for your website comes from the fact that I do not see any other means of improving my game apart from “long-distance / internet” learning…
    My aspiration is to be proud of the game I am playing.

  44. Umaymah says:

    I’m 16 and really enjoy playing badminton for recreational purposes. Unfortunately, up until present, I haven’t really been able to play a proper competitive game of badminton as I only began playing in high school during Sports lessons. Now I play badminton every tuesday at college, but I found that this was not enough time to really improve my skill, so currently my sister and I have taken to renting a court at a leisure centre on the weekend. Otherwise, I never really get the chance to play badminton much..
    I would like to get up to the ‘competitive level’ and take part in local competitions.
    Since i’ve just started college, don’t have a job, and don’t have much money of my own, I haven’t really been able to benefit from all the amazing things you offer such as DVD’s and instructional videos, but I have been using the website and youtube to benefit from as much advice and info as possible!!!
    Thank you for all the great resources you have put on the website – i’ve found it really helpful!

  45. Dave says:

    I consider myself to be a good semi-pro player. But I find that I am quite irregular in my play. I have learnt to play from friends playing for the national team, here in Mauritius. But over time, I have improved my shots. However, my friends and I just go to play twice or even thrice a week, without any regular training sessions.
    Thanks for the wonderful work you guys are doing by sharing so much about badminton. It’s just something that you like once, you like it for life… Keep up the good work.

  46. Jacky says:

    I am a “competitive” player. I play almost daily for fun and recreation, train occasionally with various coaches, and participate in local tournaments for fun and the chance to play other people. I love to watch high-level players and I frequently interact with most of the US players who go to the Olympics every 4 years. I enjoy playing and working at improving my game even if only slightly.

  47. Ed says:

    I’m a competitive player and coach for the juniors at our club.

  48. M.MOHIT(INDIA) says:

    the most top seaded player M.MOHIT who represented INDIA in 9th JUNIOR ASIAN BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIPS and got world 12th rank.

  49. Bibin says:

    I am a kind of player that aspires to be the BEST in my school and Country. I want one day to represent myself in the major tounements in the world. The obstacle is that I don’t get enough time and resourses that I need. This I know for sure, Every time I play I give it all i got and simply enjoy the game.

  50. Shaggy says:

    I have been playing for yrs i am now 45 and only started taking the game serious in the last 5 yrs…i am very competitive and even started a little coaching and want to be good i am at the C level…help…Jamaica

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