What Level of Badminton Player Are You?

On April 23, 2009, in Instructional, by Emmet Gibney

The game has changed so many times for me over the years. It’s so much different for me now, than it was when I was a kid. As you progress you see things differently, and in many ways you get more from the game.

Playing at a recreational level is fun for a lot of people. You get to go out and have a hit with some friends, nothing too intense, but it’s good fun.

Then there are the players at the competitive level. You go to tournaments locally, but you never really go anywhere outside of your hometown for badminton. You like to compete, but you’re not really all that serious about it.

Next you have the high level competitive players. You go to tournaments locally, but you also play tournaments within your region and country. Likely you’re a junior player, but that’s not always the case. You have an interest in improving your game, but you’re not quite a national level player. Seeing improvements in your game, and beating people you couldn’t before really inspires you to work even harder.

What if you’re a national level player you’re like me. I have played all over the country, and have even played a few tournaments internationally, not to mention covering badminton tournaments I have seen the biggest of the big. You probably aspire to making it to these big events one day, and playing for your country.

Finally you have the international level players. These are varied as well, with the top players from your respective countries, all the way up to the best in the world. Getting to this level you’ll get so much more from the sport than anyone else does. That’s the thing with this sport, the better you get, the more enjoyment you can pull from the game. Of course there are highs and lows, but there is a reason why people keep going, because they love it.

What type of player are you? What do you aspire to? Leave a message in the comments to let us know.


217 Responses to What Level of Badminton Player Are You?

  1. Girish says:

    Not sure I fit in any of these categories. I was born and brought up in a small town in India. Throughout my childhood I dreamed about playing badminton (and football sometimes)… never played as the game was a bit expensive (for me), and my friends were only interested in playing cricket. Plus the community in which I grew up believed only in education.

    I am now employed and live in one of the big cities in India. After moving to this city, I enrolled in a badminton academy at the age of 30. No much attention was given to me there because the coaches were busy training the kids. I used to get few pieces of advice though. 2 years have passed since then. The academy does not exist any more. I now play in a club and I am one of the better players in the group here. I watch Youtube badminton videos to improve my game. My progress is very slow, but I am improving for sure; and I am happy. And I will continue to learn till the last day I play.

    Emmet, perhaps one more level is there? For the struggling players like me? :-)

  2. sarosh says:


    I play competitive in the 45+ age group.
    Twice the runners up in the 35+ and 40+ Canadian Masters and won the Silver Medal at the World Masters in 2005 Edmonton.

    Recovering from an Achilles tendon surgery. Haven’t played for the last 5 months but will start again next year. Can’t wait…

  3. speedway1960 says:

    Well i am probably the worst player on here lol! played when i was younger and was never that good now i am 50 and even worse (the older i get the better i used to be ha-ha)

  4. Guy April says:

    I have played badminton for years but now, i play just for fun. Right now, my interest is coaching, That’s the reason i join your web site. Sorry about my poor english. I can read but it’s more though to write. Have a nice day!

  5. ignatiusw says:

    I would say I’m between fun and competitive, leaning more to competitive side, but simply because I don’t compete in any tournament, I can’t say I’m a full competitive type :)

  6. madprofessor says:

    I used to play recreational badminton, but my daughter is now competing in U13 tournaments and county level in the UK. We are very fortunate to have great coaches and a Performance Centre close by.

  7. John Russell says:

    I’m from Ottawa and would be a competitive level player in my age category (60+) and aspire to return to being a high-level competitive player playing national and international level tournaments in North America.

  8. Kamal says:

    Hi, I am a competitive player in 45+ category and recently won the State Doubles for veterans and am off for the Nationals. Would like to do well in singles though but unfortunately b’coz I play in a group, rarely get a chance to play singles. But I am trying to take out time (extra) to improve my singles play. I started as a recreational player at 32 having never played badminton in my life and I have improved simply by watching and talking to players. My son though has started early and is pretty good, his coach says he is a natural badminton player, the only reason I have not ordered the system is b’coz I feel he should not get confused by various styles of play but once he is mature may be I can order your system.

  9. romy says:

    good but not enough! need more learning specially some techniques and more training, i only learn from watching and reading.i played some competition in my office sometimes in school of my daughter playing with co-parents.i do love this game.

  10. Dan Roy says:

    I’m from Victoria BC. I’m 30 years old. I played competitively 12 years ago and took a break. Started up again 3 years ago and realized that I still have lots to learn. I realized that I’m past my prime but that does not stop me from getting better. I am currently getting some coaching as well as competing in tournaments. Learning proper technique and physical conditioning is my goal. Its only a matter of time until I get better.

  11. Robert says:

    From Quebec, started playing 38 years ago, with Denyse Julien in our club; played competitively for 10 years, was a good A Regional, B+ Provincial. Stopped for 20 years, now back at it, recreationally for 2 years. Being over 50, but still very competitive, am continuously looking for any hints on training and strategy. Bought under my wife account the latest Rasmussen DVD, very good, but looking for more strategy, especially on doubles. This game has changed so much, speed, tactical, etc…

  12. Yvonne C says:

    I’m a recreational player hoping to gradually become a competitive player at the local level. Trying hard all the time!

  13. grootmeester says:

    Hallo everybody there,I am 50 year old Ben from Belgium.I
    discovered badminton when i was
    23 years old.Much to old to get
    training said the coaches back
    than.But I’d played many matches
    and gradely i became better and
    better until I was 30.Then I
    reached a level where i needed
    training,but there are no good
    trainers in my area off Belgium.
    So I have never reached the level
    off play that I wanted.Now I am
    50 and still playing competition
    with still more wins than losses.

  14. Thiagan says:

    Hi Emmet & Peter,
    I am 66+ yrs old, and played quite a bit of Basketball, soccer & hockey in college. Continued with basketball until I was 59 yrs old.We the Asia Pacific Masters Bronze in the over 50′s in 2000. Started playing badminton about 15 years ago and played 1.5 to 2 hours daily. Won 2 Golds & a Silver in the Pan Pacific Masters Games over 60′s in 2004. I currently play around 2 to 3 hours of badminton, 3 times a week with bunch of great friends ranging in years from 59 to 23 years old. Followed by great fellowship at the club. Since I am a bit of a nut case regarding keeping fit, I work out on a Total Gym, lift weights, springs both metal and latex and do dips, skip etc.,. My wife says I must be nuts. But I feel such nuttiness is great. Thanks Emmet, Peter for the great work:-)

  15. saint says:

    i think i m between high and competitive level. i discovered badminton when i was 11 years old so i played badminton for 9 years.

  16. I play in the lower leagues of the suffolk divisions. This is my second season playing both mens & mixed with the win v loss is about 50 – 50 at the moment. hopefully when I recieve my dvd I can work on my game refining my techniques.

  17. joseph nalkara says:

    I am a club level player.This is my second season after taking serious interest in the game.My vision is to complete the mastery of techniques and movements ,and with peter’s guidance i am gaining the confidience

  18. Sangeeta says:

    i am a begniner at 30 :P…..i joined badminton one year back and fell in love with this sport….the more i see youngsters play the most i desire to better myself at the game…i am working fulltime still i try to make time to atleast try and play for an hour daily….during weekends i land up playing in the mornings as well….What i lack is practice and techniques, over a period my stamina is building up…i m growing but i need to work a lot on my game…i want to be reallly good at it ! i learnt with your website by chance

  19. Edward says:

    I played badminton like 2 years ago, so I have 2 years of experience, the first year it was like only for fun, I learned the basics, and after I started to like that sport more and more, so I started to train, so I went into a team, for training, building myself to be a tough player, I play like 10 hours a week, and 3 times a week, now I think that I’m constant, I don’t miss a lots of shots, but I’m still training hard, I want to rank up, I’m C now, I’ve never played an ABC, I want to challenge people, so next year I’m going to play ABC to see what is my level, how far that I can go, until now I just play for high school, I’m trying to get some experience for next year the ABCs and I’m trying to control my stress, that’s why I’m training hard, and there’s many people that I want to win against them, so I wish that I could go far.

  20. azero says:

    Hello, I am a competitive level player who likes to compete, serious about badminton, and aspires to be the best player can be. However, I am more like a recreational player since I do not play much ranking tournaments due to other stuff though I would like to play in them.

  21. anand says:

    sir, iam playing badminton for many years but still i feel difficult to be an elite player .i need some mentor like you to improve my game.i want daily workout schedule improve my badminton skills.i am still having hopes that i can become an internationl player.please help me .i am over 30

  22. T. Packeer says:

    Hi , I just play for the sake of fitness & fun but would like to improve my game.



  23. Danny Londonio says:

    thanks . . . I am 54 years old and I’ve been playing badminton for the past 2 years now, Im in Class D, playing badminton just for the sake of fitness, to have more friends & have fun, our Groups in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is “CH789″. also the reason why I subscribe is to learn more how to improve your technic!

    Danny L. Londonio
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  24. James Travis says:

    Hi I’m James, I play in England, I never progressed further than county. I play for fun, I’d like to say I have some skills on the badminton court, a nice serve and a big smash but I also know my downfalls as well. I play in the 2nd Division in my town Plymouth which is ok because were not one of the “elite” clubs. Practise on a Monday night with the team players and Wednesday is the social night where we invite the public to play with us and try to attract new players with potential to Monday nights. Most of us have had a little coaching in the past. I have noticed that there are only 3 or 4 mixed doubles leagues in Plymouth. There used to be 7 or 8 leagues in Plymouth. There seems to be a black hole which juniors get sucked into once then reach university so it’s rare our local players stay on after that age. I’m 27 for the record :)


  25. Welly Tjia says:

    I am a competitive player cum coach. Even at my age (51) there are not many young junior players that can win me. I still play like an 18 years old. Running, jumping, lunging around the court. Spectators who don’t know mw and watch me play from the spectators seats tend to ask “which school is the boy from” ;-)

  26. Raj Sharma says:

    I started to play Badminton from my College Days,yearback to 1968-69 & still playing this game.I use to play regular bases for exercise & recretion. I love this game very much. I am ready to learn some tips from you Great Player.Raj Sharma,Registrar,National Institute of Fashion Technology,Rae Bareli (U.P.) INDIA.

  27. Hi,
    I am 39 year old, and regularly practicing Badminton for fitness as well as for fun. And participated many competitions(Lacal/ District/Zonal Level) and reached finals many times. But could not succeed in finals many times because of nurvousness.
    Yor Tips like cross drops and many more helped me a lot in improving my game. Hence, Please continue to send tips about badminton play.
    Thank You.

  28. Keshav says:


    I have played at the national level for few years at the junior level. But then i had an injury and had to stop.

    I was good and was in top 20 in the country (Junior’s). I do play now but not the tournaments….

  29. siva says:

    iam 45 years old recreational player, participating only local level tournament , even i havenot partcipated in district level, but i would like to rise my level playing from local to out side. Iam ready to spend my tme and money to improve myself, please do needful through your service

    thanking you

  30. Rohan says:

    I am 12 year old and is playing at the national level though yet to cross quarterfinal stage .I wish to improve

  31. Manu hegde says:

    i am a competitive player playing tournaments in the regional level.

  32. claire says:

    im recreational at the moment …..love it though …dunno if id be good enough for the next level !

  33. varun says:

    i aspire to become a world famous player one day…..its my dream…

  34. Pranay says:

    high level competitive player….played a few state and zonal competitions

  35. esmael says:

    I’m a 53 year old recreational player, the skills that i can learn will help me play better and improve the level of my game, at the same time, it will be taught to our players and students in our school. I’m a Physical Education instructor and the sports coordinator of our College.



  37. Tim Cross says:

    Hi Im Tim from the UK I am a competive player but I would like to be at a high level. I’ve been playing badminton for years and have joined a harder group which has a few county level players in it.

    I need to improve my shots and work out tactics to cause my appoint as much problems as possible! my main aim is to improve the best i can!

  38. aakash says:

    iam aggressive but perfectionist player interested in rapid and deceptional badminton
    i compette in national campionships but no better performance after a year of hard work

  39. Raymond says:

    I am 46 years old. For the past 4 years I have been playing in a recreational league that has a 4 level system in order to create matches that are fairly evenly skilled to make it interesting for everyone. Even though I will never play in tournaments, it is important for me to learn about the game and improve my skills to get more out of it. Since my only true opponent is myself, I hope to never quit learning and getting better.
    Raymond from Canada

  40. Sebastian Bendtsen says:

    I may bebetween competive player and high level :) Here in Greenland we can’t just go to another city and play. It costs about 500 usd to fly to the nearest city and play :( I am going top Denmark this summer and study at a sportsschool :D

  41. Levi says:

    My sister and I are recreational players. We are aspiring to one day become national or even international players. Even though we know its not an easy road… we will continue to do it for our love of the game!

  42. Connor says:

    I play in Canadian Nationals/Internationals.

  43. Lucky says:

    i have to say that i am at the “recreational level” because based on your definition…. i only play badminton to bond to my family and friends without any competition… but i really dream of becoming a national level player….. thats why i keep on improving my skills in badminton with the help of my coach and my family and friends and of course GOD…..

  44. Doug Clark says:

    I live in the Falkland Islands where there is limited competition. I played county 3rd’s for Berkshire a few years ago whilst on a working holiday. I am 32 & training my butt off for the Commonwealth games in India this year. I realise that i am not in contention for medals, but this does not effect the way i train. Could really do with some help in speed around the court for starters. We only get a coach here once or twice a year for a period of 2 weeks at a time, getting full time coaching is not possible.
    Is there any badminton camps in operation in August? Anywhere in Europe would be helpful.

  45. muhammad shahizzat says:

    im just a normal player with glasses, i like to play more tournament but the school concentrated more on education.

  46. Andre says:

    I am from Chicago, US, and am a competitive player. Whenever I travel – locally and overseas – I also join local clubs to play.

    I try to keep up with Badminton news. In addition, I am trying to promote badminton, especially in the US. Badminton Life is a good channel to encourage more people to play, and thank you.

  47. ASC says:

    Played about 6 – 8 months and I play for a club. I’m probably a beginner since I’m just start to learning pronation/supination. I recently been asked to play a match as well :)

  48. Kevin says:

    I am a competitive player, and have participated in local leagues/cups & open tournaments too.

    I have also been called upon, by the local Badminton Association, to represent the region.

  49. Jay R says:

    I’m Jay from the island of Mauritius. Congrats for having made possible this lively fraternity of badminton-lovers from all over the world. “Bravo”.

    I’m 34 y/o, a leftie (like Peter), 5’10″ and 62 kg. I’ve been playing at recreational level for 13 years. I did not learn much during these years because either none of the players had any technique or they didn’t want to share.

    I joined another club since the past 6 months. The higher level of its players made me aware of my numerous shortcomings.

    According to me, I lack fitness, strength, adequate footwork and proper stroke skills (specially different types of net shots and smashes).

    I’m counting on this website to learn more about proper techniques for shots and specially footwork and also on tips for getting fit and stronger for playing badminton. Later, i’d like to participate in “friendly” tournaments.

    That’s quite a task, but I LOVE BADMINTON.
    Thank you Badmintonlife team.

  50. Rubina says:

    I am 14 years old..and I am a competetive player…have played some tournaments…but I would like to improve my game and make it big in the coming years…

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