The first thing that comes to mind when I’m looking at these draws is wow they have a lot of qualifying draws. However, most of them have been listed as no match, and most of the players have been promoted to the main draw, maybe a lot of people have pulled out?

There are not very many big names in this event, Bao Chunlai, Boonsak Ponsana, Hafiz Hashim, Kuan Beng Hong and Chetan Anand are the first big names that I’ve noticed so far. I don’t know who the first seed was, but it looks like they pulled out of the event. The international calendar is going to be quiet for a while now, which is a little disappointing after the excitement surrounding All Englands and Swiss Open, but when summer rolls around we’ll have a few more things to talk about.

Happy Suwon Asian Badminton Championship 2009 Draws

2 Responses to Happy Suwon Asian Badminton Championship 2009: Draws Released

  1. Wilfred says:

    Chen Jen pulled out due to injury on his waist. He was #1 seed. Bao was going to have have surgery but since no first string Chinese players are going, he is in. Don’t expect too much from him tough. Hope that gives some of the younger players to shine. Most of these Chinese top players are close to 30 come 2012 Olympic.There is no bog name players in this tourney for Men’s Single. On the women’s side watch out for the young Chinese players, from Wang Yihan to Zhu Jin JIn. Another one to watch could be HK’s Yip Pui Yin. She was silver medalist 2(?) years ago. Her nemsis Wang is now her coach. The duo beat all the top Chinese players that year to claim gold & silver for Hong Kong.

  2. Wilfred says:

    On the men’s side, Indian Open quarter finalist, Chen Long meet Hashim after 2 rounds. Chen upset your favourite Lee Ching Wei in first round but lost to Hashim in 1/4. Taufik wont he final hands down so Hashim got be the a favourite this time. On the women’s side, it’s any one game. Zie & Zhou are both playing and I think are both fatigued. Zhou Mi has a shot at World #1 if she wins this tourney tough. She is not that far behind the great Dane.

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