As I write this I am at the airport waiting to board my flight to London Heathrow, where I will connect to Copenhagen. I am planning on spending the next few weeks in Copenhagen to begin production on the Badminton Life Training Course with Peter Rasmussen. For those of you who have already joined our newsletter you have a little bit of an idea of what we are up to, however, our regular blog readers might not have subscribed yet. If you want to know more about the course sign up for the newsletter which should be on the right hand side of the website.


I will do my best to give updates from my trip for those of you who are interested. I hope to play a lot of badminton while I’m there, but we’ll have to see how much time I have available since we will be quite busy shooting the videos for the course. Denmark is truly the heart of badminton in Europe, if you do a search for “badminton” on Google Maps in Copenhagen you will find dozens upon dozens of badminton clubs in the city. This is completely foreign, and at the same time very exciting for badminton fanatic like myself.

Stay tuned, I should be arriving in Copenhagen Wednesday afternoon!

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