Here is the men’s singles draw for the Aviva Singapore Super Series 2009:


The top two seeds are Lee Chong Wei and Peter Gade. Gade has a big challenge first round against Dicky Palyama, as Palyama beat Gade at the All England’s in 2008. Chong Wei plays Englands top star Andrew Smith. I’m just waiting for Smith to have his first big upset, but I’m not sure that this is the place. Any bets people???

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  1. Mathieu says:

    I’m not expecting Andrew Smith to beat Lee Chong Wei in this tournament. Even if he did improve alot in the last year, I think it won’t be enough to beat LCW if he is in good form.

    I’m expecting Bao Chunlai to win his first round, even if it’s against the 7th seed (which I have never seen play).

    Sasaki will probably pass the first round aswell (and lose to LCW in 2nd round).

    Expecting to see Wong choong Hann beat Chetan Arad, Chen Jin to beat Sairul…

    As for the rest of the players, I’m expecting: OUSEPH, PERSSON, JORGENSEN, PARK, TSUEN SENG, KUNCORO, PONSANA, SANTOSO, and GADE to win their first rounds, although I wouldn’t put money on most of those predictions :)

  2. Emmet says:

    Ouseph, Persson, Santoso and Gade all have very tough first rounds. I played Gong Weijie when he was like 14 or 15 years old actually, he was unreal then and he is still unreal. He won some pretty big matches earlier this year, and no doubt he is being groomed as the next singles player for the Chinese national team, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he beats Santoso. Gade has struggled in the past with Palyama, losing to him at the All Englands a couple years back, and Palyama has had some other good results against Gade. In the first rounds it’s anyone’s game pretty much, later on, it’s all about the experienced players.

    Have you seen Andrew Smith play before??

  3. Mathieu says:

    I have to admit that I have never seen Zwiebler in action, but I have seen Ouseph play at the Atwater internationnals this year and I was quite impressed with his style of pay. As for Persson, it’s true that he will have a hard time playing against Eric Pang, wich is an ”all out attacking” player, this will be an interesting match but I think that Persson will have the edge in the end. As for Santoso, I have never seen him play but I gave him the edge because he was seeded… I really have no idea about how the match will turn out. Same thing goes with Palyama, I’ve never seen this guy play before so that’s why I gave the edge to Gade.

    As for Andrew Smith, I have seen him last year at the Atwater Internationals in his match against Andrew Dabeka and I really like his style. I have also seen him play on videos quite a few times and I must admit that I’m quite impressed with him. The noticable improvement that I have seen from him was when he beat Joachim Persson for the first time in his carreer earlier this year in a team event. I found that he worked on his flat play alot and also on the psychological aspect of his game, which gave some very good results.

  4. Mathieu says:

    I’m currently looking at the results from the first round…

    LCW won, Sasaki lost, Chunlai won, Choong Hann won, Chen Jin won, Ouseph won, Persson lost, Jorgensen won, Park won, Tsuen Seng lost, Kunkoro won, Ponsana won, Santoso won (walkover) and Gade won.

    That gives me a decent average :P Alot of seeded players are gone now.

    Here are my predictions for round 2: LCW, BCL, Chen Jin, Jorgensen, Park, Kunkoro, Santoso and Gade.

  5. badminton says:

    Not too shabby, wouldn't spend too much time in Vegas though ; )

  6. Jon Chambers says:

    I think Chong Wei is going to take it, no doubt about it!

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