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I’m not going to go as hardcore on the updates this time, and my iPhone is dead so I can’t add pictures either.

Court 1
Anna Rice vs Isabelle Mercier Dalphond

Court 2
Michelle Li vs Phyllis Chan

Michelle Li is leading 11-10 at the first interval of her match against Phyllis Chan, while Anna Rice is leading 11-4 at the first interval of her match against Mercier Dalphond.

Update #1
Michelle Li won the first game, apparently it was 21-16, but I haven’t confirmed that yet. Anna Rice leads 17-9 in her match.

Update #2
Anna won the first game 21-14, Isabelle started coming back and received the benefit of a couple of close calls that seemed to bother Anna, but they don’t really matter anymore now do they : )

Update #3
Michelle is leading Phyllis 16-12 and Anna is leading Isabelle 6-4 (both second sets)

Update #4
Michelle just won the second set and the match, couldn’t hear the ref say what the final scores were though.

Update #5
Anna Rice is leading 11-7 at the second set interval, Isabelle is starting to looking tired.

Update #6
Anna Rice just won, final game was 21-12.

2009 Yonex Canadian National Championships Womens Singles Draws


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