Okay everyone I’m going to do some live updates for you for the duration of the tournament, or at least for the semi-finals, or at least until womens doubles comes on and I get bored.

The mixed doubles semi-finals are on right now, on court #1 we have Will Milroy and Fiona McKee playing against Alvin Lau and Melodie Liang. Will and Fiona just won the first game 21-11.


On court #2 we have Mike Beres and Doris Piche playing against Toby Ng and Grace Gao. A lot of fan support for Mike and Doris right now. I’ll update more in a bit (you may need to refresh this page for updates).


Update #1
Court #2 has just finished the first game, it looks like Toby and Grace won the first game, not sure on score, but it was apparently pretty close. Gotta love the grunts and yells from Toby and Grace, looks like Kim Dong Moon has been rubbing off on them.

Update #2
It’s really close on court 1 in the second game here, 15-14 for Milroy and McKee. Toby and Grace leading 11-6 at the second game interval.

Just thinking if I had a video camera I would stream this for you guys on Ustream.tv but I don’t : (

Update #3
Milroy and McKee won the second game, and the match. Score was 21-11, 21-17. Court two is 12-8 for Toby and Grace.


Update #4
Tight second game on court 2, 16-14 for Toby and Grace.

Update #5
Toby and Grace come back from 18-20 to win 22-20.

So it looks like the finals line up is going to be:
Will Milroy and Fiona McKee vs Toby Ng and Grace Gao

2009 Yonex Canadian National Championships Mixed Doubles Draws


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