This year a lot of us old guys (26ish) are getting back in the mix. While I am not going to be able to make it, some vets like Tye Reidie, Brandon Kot, Jon Vandervet, Keith Chan, Mark Docksteader, Brody Hilland and more are all going to be at this weekend’s Glencoe Alberta Series tournament. The draw looks pretty stacked actually when you think about how many of these guys are playing. Even older vets like David Humble and Bryan Moody are playing. These guys are really old, like 30+ man! Moody is more focused on poker these days I think so I doubt his skills are up to much, I’m guessing they’ll get trounced, but who knows what kind of old man tricks they’ll be able to pull out with their wooden racquets.

I haven’t had too much opportunity to analyze the draw to pick winners accurately, but I’m going to go with the following anyway.

Men’s Singles: Dan Kai def Tye Reidie
Women’s Singles: Sun Yang def Reshma Bhambhani
Men’s Doubles: Jon Vandervet and Keith Chan def Tye Reidie and Brandon Kot
Women’s Doubles: Milaine Cloutier and Grace Gao destroy Sun Yang and Sinead Cheah (sorry girls, Milaine is a killer)
Mixed Doubles: Mark Docksteader and Jody Patrick (M.D.s unite) def Jon Vandervet and Reshma Bhambhani

To see the draws for yourself go here!

Brandon and Tye Are Ready to Play!


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