Perhaps the headline here is pushing it a little bit, but everyone knows that Persson is the next hope for Denmark, whether or not he’ll live up to that has yet to be seen. In the semi-finals Joachim Persson defeated Poland’s Wacha Przemyslaw 21-16, 21-15 while his fellow countrymen, Peter Gade and Kenneth Jonassen battled it out on the other side of the draw. Gade won that match quite easily 21-17, 21-9 and now has an opportunity to prove he’s still the top Dane. Kenneth Jonassen is ranked higher than him, and Persson is only one spot behind him in spite of the fact that Gade is the more capable in the big matches.

I think Persson’s game is a little bit slow to beat the top guys, but I guess the same could have been said about Jonassen who managed to win some big titles in past years. However, Jonassen never had the consistent winning ways that Gade had. I kind of hope that Persson wins this match actually, I’d like to see a new Dane on top.

Denmark Open Super Series 2008 Draws

Final video from the 2007 Copenhagen Masters between Gade and Jonassen



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