The qualifying at the second China Open Super Series of the year is now complete and the main event is about to start in Shanghai. Lin Dan is back in action and I’m sure he’s anxious to get back into action. He’s likely to be a bit rusty since he has been out of international competition for so long, but Lin Dan is probably the most impressive men’s singles player ever, so I’m sure he can find his form again very quickly. It is fair to say that Lin Dan is on the easier half of the draw with both Lee Chong Wei and Peter Gade on the other side, and in the same quarter-final for that matter. I can’t wait to see what happens!

China Open Super Series 2008 Draws

One Response to China Open Super Series 2008: Qualifying Complete, Let The Games Begin!

  1. Jesiel Ferreira Gonçalves da Silva says:

    Meu nome é Jesiel, sou jogador de badminton. Moro no Brasil.
    Lin Dan tem que toma cuidado com Lee Chong Wei, pois Lee CW esta jogando muito bem. A medalha de prata para Lee Chong Wei nas olimpiadas de pequim foi um grande incentivo para que ele possa continua firme e forte.

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