The junior nationals is now over and the results are completed in full for those that are interested in the results. I haven’t really looked into everything in great detail but I did notice that the guys’ singles events were a pretty big surprise (at least to me). Both Joseph Rogers and Avish Makol were upset by Richard Liang and Andrew Tai-Pow respectively. Good results for these guys I have to say. Don’t know either of them that well really, I’m sure they deserve the win. I have seen Andrew play a couple times, and while I’m not a fan of his on court shouting, screaming etc he is good so I give him props for that. Richard I have played in doubles, but never singles.

As for the other events, congrats to Darren Hong and Logan Campbell for winning the u19 boys doubles, looks like your nights out at The Fox in Edmonton didn’t sidetrack you too much ; ) Congrats to all the other winners too.

Full Results Here


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