So the entry deadline has past for the upcoming nationals at the end of the month, and after 2 consecutive years of pathetic entry numbers, this year actually looks pretty good. Here is the players list.

The only notables that are missing that I can think of right away are Andrew Dabeka, Charmaine Reid and Fiona McKee, otherwise it looks like it should be a pretty competitive tournament. Even guys like Mathieu Laforest are back in the mix this year after missing last year’s event.

No predictions as of yet really, except that Will Milroy and Mike Beres had better win this tournament or hand over their rackets for good, seriously. Also, Anna Rice had better win, same deal here, hand over your racket if you lose. All the other events I really don’t know about yet, I have been out of the loop to long to make an accurate prediction. Actually I’ll try anyway, here we go:

MS : Bobby Milroy def Stephan Wojcikiewicz
WS : Anna Rice
MD : Milroy/Beres def Laforest/Laforest
WD : who cares
MXD : Vandervet/Sun def Beres/Loker (gotta have one major upset right???)

Women's Doubles Sucks


2 Responses to 2008 Yonex National Badminton Championships Players List

  1. George Pitcher says:

    I was just wondering what happened to the players list. Is it gone is it just my computer that isn’t picking it up or am I looking at the wrong place.

  2. JJ says:

    What happened to Tammy Sun?
    She lost brutally in both WD and XD?

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