Both Mathieu Laforest and Jocelyn Ko won double crowns in the individual events of the Canada Winter Games in badminton. Also, both of them paired with their siblings to win their respective doubles events. Their impressive results even caught the attention of CBC News and SLAM! Sports Online.

First off Mathieu Laforest partnered with his younger brother Francis to win the men?s doubles without dropping a set the entire tournament, a feat that Mathieu mimicked in his singles. Mathieu was the heavy favourite in my eyes to take the singles, but the doubles was a big surprise. The Laforest brothers defeated Alvin Lau and Toby Ng in the semi-finals 21-18, 21-18 to setup a final against Alberta?s Justin Mullaly and Brody Hilland. They had an extremely close first set, winning 26-24, but winning the second more comfortably, 21-16 to take the gold. Mathieu defeated B.C.?s Chris Lee 22-20, 21-14 to take the gold in the men?s singles.

Next up Jocelyn Ko teamed up with her sister Stephanie Ko to win the women?s doubles, which was also a big surprise. While I overlooked Jocelyn in the singles, it wasn’t that big of a surprise to me, Jocelyn has always been a really talented player, I guess I just gave too much credit to the up and coming players. Jocelyn and Stephanie won the gold without dropping a set the whole tournament. In the women?s singles things were much tighter. Jocelyn just snuck past Isabelle Mercier Dalphond 21-15, 16-21, 21-19 to make it to the final where she beat Jennifer Lam 21-16, 21-19.

The other title, mixed doubles, went to Toby Ng and Melodie Liang when they defeated Alvin Lau and Charmaine Yeung. Both teams are from British Columbia.

Now, I only got 1 out of 5 predictions right, but with the exception of the women?s events, I wasn?t very far off. Both Lau/Ng and Mullaly/Hilland managed to do quite well, but the Laforest brothers winning was a bit of a surprise to me. And with the mixed, I wasn?t far off either. As for the girls, I will never get women?s badminton, sorry. If any girls are interested in writing about girls? badminton, feel free to leave a comment.

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One Response to Mathieu Laforest and Jocelyn Ko Dominate Canada Winter Games

  1. Vining Wolff says:

    Doesn’t surprise me that BC took the title. I’d seem most of them play when I attended Darryl’s C2 tourney over Christmas and they looked very good.

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