Wow, now that is a big upset. Ireland’s Scott Evans defeated Japan’s Shoji Sato 21-15, 21-14 at the US Open. I saw Shoji Sato beat Taufik Hidayat when I was in Tokyo for the Thomas Cup last year. This guy is no joker, he is a legitimate top 20 player, and Scott Evans is not somebody I would expect to beat him. Unfortunately for Scott he lost the very next round to Canada’s Andrew Dabeka in a very close three games 21-14, 10-21, 24-22! Scott is Ireland’s best player, maybe their best ever (according to Bobby Milroy he is). This will really help Andrew’s Olympic qualifying run. Not sure how big the US Open is in terms of points, but it can’t hurt to make the semis, even Malaysia’s Sairul couldn’t muster the testosterone to get this far (perhaps he is lacking some after going off of the juice, just speculating).

The American’s top doubles pair of Bach and Malaythong had the benefit of a good draw and top seed getting upset which has helped them to make it to the semis while Canada’s Milroy and Beres have been knocked out in the quarter finals. Also, Bach and Malaythong have the benefit of playing their teammates Gunawan and Rai who no doubt will tank the match to help their teammates. A similar situation in the mixed as well with Beres and Loker losing while Bach and Lee will be playing Gunawan and his partner in the semis. Hopefully Canadian Open will be better for our Canadian pairs.

If you are interested I have tracked down Scott Evans official website. He is an interesting character, with a serious temper on court. Also, my dad apparently played badminton with his dad back in the day in Ireland.

Scott Evans


2 Responses to Ireland's Scott Evans Upsets Japan's Shoji Sato at US Open Badminton

  1. Mark Phelan says:


    Scotts new official website can now be viewed at Come along and visit. Register and get regular updates on Scott and join the live chat with Scott twice monthly


  2. Scott Evans says:

    Whats your dad’s name??

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