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On June 29, 2007, in Miscellaneous, Video, by Emmet Gibney

Most of you have never seen their website before, but JustBad is badminton blog that is based in France (I think). They have posted an amazing badminton video on their website featuring Mihail Popov playing badminton with a little kid. While the badminton itself isn’t anything crazy, the video looks really cool. It looks like they had the camera on some sort of crane or something, and you might notice at the end how the camera goes over the net, and then under the net. Still can’t quite figure out how they did that. Anyway check out the video on JustBad.


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  1. JustBad says:

    Hello BVM !
    Thank you for your article (sorry for my english but I’m really french :p), that’s cool !

    But I have to say that this video isn’t my production ;) (I say it in my article in french ^^)
    The video was made for a TV program, “C’est quoi ton sport”, which was retransmitted on TF1, the first french TV channel.

    So I have just upload the video because it’s really cool and it film a young french player very good.

    Thanks and come again on my website ! :D

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